COVID-19 Good News for TVNZ

TVNZ continues to reports big viewership spikes on air and online because of the COVID-19 lockdown. Here are the latest despatches from TVNZ Sales:

TVNZ channels have something for everyone 

To increase the amount of content available for children during the day, DUKE Jr. was added to TVNZ DUKE on March 30th. Last week the 10.30am- 3pm slot attracted 176,000 viewers (AP 5+)1. Of these viewers, 112,000 (64%) are an independent audience to our TVNZ 2 morning kids programming. That’s an additional 112,000 viewers to our already large morning TVNZ 2 kids’ viewership!2

Before DUKE Jr. kicks off at 10.30am, Kiwi kids are watching TVNZ 2’s content from  6am-9am. Viewership here was up 6% last week for HH with kids 0-14 compared to the previous four weeks.3

TVNZ 1 still delivers a phenomenal performance around the clock. Compared to last week, TVNZ 1 all-day ratings were up 5% (to 4.1) and 3% (to 3.1) in AP5+ and AP 25-54.4

Sources: Nielsen TAM, overnights data w/c 12th April 2020. 1: TVNZ DUKE, 10:30-15:00 weekdays. 2: Includes +1 channels, 12/04/20-18/04/10, Duke 1030-1500, TVNZ 2 0630-1030., weekdays 3: w/c 12/4/20 vs previous 4 weeks 15/3/2020-11/3/2020. TVNZ 2 Network. 4: w/c 12/4/20 vs w/c 5/4/20, TVNZ 1 Network 2am-2am

TVNZ OnDemand reaching new milestones  

Last week we reached more New Zealanders than ever, with 572,000 viewers (AP) and 7.8m streams. In the 18-54 demo, we saw 443,000 viewers come to the platform who streamed 6.3m times. 

Killing Eve is gracing the leader board as the number 1 show (AP 18-54). This cult programme is bringing in new viewers too, its the top watched show for new registrations. Total new registered viewers hit a new high, with a further 26,000 sign ups!

Source: Google Analytics, AP, incl. Live TV streams, excl. Freeview, 12 – 18 Apr 2020 

Nadia brings comfort to NZ  

Nadia Lim is here to share deliciously simple dishes that make the most of your kitchen staples during lockdown. It’s hitting the spot with our viewers, Nadia’s Comfort Kitchen reached over 920,000 people 5+ in its first week, achieving a 3.2 rating (AP 25-54). This is an incredible result for an off-peak show, improving the 4.30pm slot’s performance by 52% from the four weeks prior. This is a great opportunity to maximise a significant off-peak audience, particularly if you’re a food brand!

The show has been popular on TVNZ OnDemand too. It’s been streamed over 93,500 times so far, entering the top 5 shows for both AP and AP 18-54.

Source: Nielsen TAM, Includes +1 channels, 12/04/20-18/04/20, Overnight data; Google Analytics, AP, 12/04/20-19/04/20 

TVNZ 1 is breaking the news 

Almost 2.5 million New Zealanders (AP5+) have tuned in to the 1 News Special for the Covid-19 updates across March and April so far.

The latest week has delivered the highest ratings to date, with an average of 12.4 (AP 5+) and 11.4 (AP 25-54), up 30% from the week prior.

Monday’s 4pm update on the Covid-19 alert level decision saw record breaking audiences for this time slot. Nearly 1.5 million people (AP 5+) tuned in, with a massive 25 rating (AP 5+) and 23.9 (AP 25-54). With so many other ways to consume the news, TV has also resonated strongly with younger audiences with a 16.3 rating for AP 18-34.

Source: Nielsen TAM, includes +1 channels, 12/03/20-20/04/20, Data consolidated to 12/04 

Sharp audience increases  

Seven Sharp has seen monumental growth during the lockdown period, with an average rating of 11.6 (AP 25-54) up 115% from the weeks prior.

The day New Zealand went into lockdown (26/03), Seven Sharp saw its highest rating episode EVER at 14.7 (AP 25-54) and 17 (AP 5+). Hilary and Jeremy are remarkable at informing and entertaining viewers (whilst keeping 2 metres apart). They have maintained strong audiences throughout.

Source: Nielsen TAM, includes + 1 channels, Lockdown period 22/03/20-18/04/20, Data consolidated to 12/04 

1 News at Six: New Zealand’s most trusted news source1 

New Zealanders’ news consumption continues to grow with last week’s average rating at 22, the highest since lockdown (AP 5+).2 The AP 25-54 demo rated 16.2, 113% higher YOY.23

This trend continues strongly across our younger viewers, ratings doubled in the last 4 weeks for AP 18-34 compared to the previous 4 weeks.4

Sources: 1: TVNZ/ Kantar Market Tracker. 2: Nielsen TAM. Data includes +1 Channel. Average Aud % 5+ 12-18/04/20. Overnight data. 3: Average Aud % 25-54 12-18/04/20 v 14-20/04/19. Consolidated data apart from 12-18/04. 4: Average Aud % 18-34 22/03/2020-18/04/20 v 23/02/20-21/03/20. Consolidated data apart from 12-18/04

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6 Responses to “COVID-19 Good News for TVNZ”

  1. I know it’s easy to bash TVNZ, but I do think credit where credit is due – they deserve the success they have been getting during lockdown

  2. Quite agree, Tony. You could quibble over whether the government’s been scrutinised for its actions but generally TVNZ 1’s coverage has been excellent.

  3. I hope they plan on keeping the Duke Jr broadcasts long after the Covid situation and foster a new generation of TV viewers.

  4. I am 27 years old, and I watch every show of Seven Sharp.

  5. Yes, Leo, kids’ programming is an invaluable way of building viewership and brand loyalty. Witness how Netflix has cranked up its kids’ content.

  6. TVNZ will be delighted to hear that, Clifford. You’re in the demo they covet the most.

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