Critical Condition: Charmed

Charmed | Neon, from Monday

➢➢ “In many ways, the new version of the witchy show is a bastardisation, a new series slapped with a familiar title to draw in fans before rudely disappointing them. There are just enough hints of the old one blended in that it’s hard to think of it as an entirely new show.  But while the new Charmed (★★½ out of four) isn’t much like the old WB drama, it doesn’t mean that the new show doesn’t have its own value and its own supernatural stories …  The new show feels more modern, and far less campy, than the original.” — USA Today.

➢➢ “This new version has a twist of casting three Latinas in the lead roles – and one bloody annoying Brit as their mentor. It’s also tied to today’s headlines in a way the original avoided: the Time’s Up movement and issues of consent and sexual harassment are all at the forefront. President Donald Trump is identified as one of the signs of the impending apocalypse. It’s as subtle as someone smacking you in the face with the Book of Shadows.” — Boston Herald.

➢➢ “The writing has a clumsy, faux-feminist political bent that undercuts the show’s desire to provide an empowering message about female power … Admittedly, there are some pleasures to be found in this reboot but they are too fleeting. Charmed certainly has the potential to grow into the show it wants to be, but don’t come into this new series looking for nuance or even that electrifying thrill of seeing women using undeniable power to make the world a better place. At least not yet.” — New York.

➢➢ “As the series progresses, there is enough in the premiere to support the hope it will strive for a Supernatural meets The Vampire Diaries vibe. The pilot presents what we need. It just doesn’t come together by the end as a singularly solid episode of television. Overall, the foundation of Charmed presents enough of a reason to stick with the show for the remainder of the season, even if the pilot itself does not.” — Forbes.

➢➢ “As fun as this reboot is, it gives nothing new for us to hook us in except for incorporating an element of relevant and super-progressive ‘wokeness’ … Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, it just keeps the general bullet points of the original and adds details to let viewers know that the show is very much about sisterhood and how women can be ‘stronger together’ when faced against oppressive obstacles. Seems relevant more now than ever.” — Deadline.

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