Critical Condition: Cold Feet

Cold Feet | TVNZ 1, 9.35 Sunday

➢ “The new series of Cold Feet began as if someone were trying to win a bet: how many clichés is it possible to cram into an opening five minutes? The good news is that it got better, was still glossy and uplifting, but hasn’t yet reached the standard of the last series.” — The Times.

➢ “With the novelty of seeing Adam, Pete and co together again now gone, Cold Feet could easily have suffered the dreaded sophomore slump. Instead, the promising opener suggests this seventh season will achieve that tricky balance of heartfelt drama and bittersweet comedy just as effortlessly as its previous six.” — Metro.

➢ “It was still solid stuff, well-written and pacily directed. And the cast inhabit their roles like snugly-fitting gloves. But I’m not sure any of the new plotlines are strong enough to sustain another six episodes. A one-off reunion with old mates you haven’t seen for years can be a success through goodwill and good memories. That doesn’t necessarily mean you want to keep seeing them every week.” — The i.

➢ “In truth, this opener wasn’t the finest that Cold Feet has produced, with the jokes mostly being made at the expense of the much-mocked “millennials” … The problems, too, felt rather contrived … Fortunately, so soothingly familiar are these characters that an hour spent in their company is satisfying enough. And the plot seeds that were sown here suggest that this will be another fun, largely sensitive exploration of middle age.” — The Telegraph.

➢ “It’s like a university reunion. Last year was the first; you hadn’t seen them for years, and though you’d had your reservations about it, it was surprisingly fun, reminding you why you liked these people in the first place. Now, just one year on, they’re doing it all over again. And you’re wondering whether it’s such a good idea. I mean, you still like them, but perhaps you have less in common now.” — The Guardian.

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