Critical Condition: Condor

Condor | SoHo, 8.30 Wednesday

☆☆☆☆ Condor takes the story of Three Days of the Condor, the 1975 Robert Redford thriller adapted from a novel, and adapts it into a standard-issue spy drama … The storytelling, here, is workmanlike and efficient … less adapted than retreaded.” — Variety.

☆☆☆ Condor can be a little too blunt and it hasn’t made any big moves to prove why we need another adaptation, but it has a good handle on the core story … suitably updated for modern times and slyly incorporating elements of the original film.” — IndieWire.

☆☆☆ Condor, rewiring the anxieties of classic paranoid thrillers for contemporary nervous systems, presents every citizen’s sense of isolation as the product of a state overrun with double-dealing.” — The New Yorker.

☆☆☆ “The new version adds contemporary touches to the narrative: the surveillance state, hacktivism, post-9/11 sociopolitical psychology and, of course, Tinder. There are cellphones where there once were phone booths, and laptops where there was once the the encyclopedia.” — Los Angeles Times.

☆☆☆☆ Condor, though perhaps a little too conspiracy-laden for its own good and more than a bit heavy-handed in the portrayals of its villains, is a beguiling trip through the wilderness of mirrors that’s modern intelligence work. You don’t have to believe it; just enjoy it.” — Reason.

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