Critical Condition: Criminal Record

Here’s what critics are saying about the new Apple TV+ crime thriller, Criminal Record, starring Peter Capaldi (Doctor Who), and Cush Jumbo (The Good Fight) as detectives in a tug of war over a high-profile murder case:

“There’s everything you’d want from a contemporary London-set thriller here: Peter Capaldi’s brooding senior detective, Daniel Hegarty, furtively exchanging bundles of cash with strangers; Cush Jumbo as CID rookie June Lenker, intrepidly trying to find out what Hegarty is hiding and outmanoeuvring an opaque and shady Met hierarchy; and, for a refreshing change, none of the characters live in properties they couldn’t afford.” — The Guardian.

Captivating and deeply disturbing is a thrilling exploration of our preconceived notions, the human obsession with power and legacy and what we’re willing to do to cling to the narratives we’ve created about other people and the world around us.” — Variety.

“Too many domestic drama subplots clutter an already knotty, slow-burning story. The two cops may have their respective troubles at home (a mentally ill mother and unsupportive husband for June, a difficult daughter for Hegarty), but ultimately it’s their own uneasy dynamic that we’re here for.” — Financial Times.

“Though it adds race and gender dynamics to the rookie-vs.-veteran crime-show trope, Criminal Record avoids moralising … If the shock reveal in the final minutes of the finale feels uncharacteristically facile, it’s only because Criminal Record is otherwise so adept at avoiding easy conclusions.” — Entertainment Weekly.

“For a while, the basic promise of a twisty murder mystery with prestige-TV gloss is enough to sustain some interest. … But a tendency to prioritise themes over characters, combined with languid pacing and a too-measured tone, ultimately results in too little payoff for the time it demands.” — The Hollywood Reporter.

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