Critical Condition: Disjointed

Disjointed | Netflix, from Friday

➢ “Kathy Bates leads Chuck Lorre’s Netflix multicamera comedy — about a marijuana dispensary — which blends broad, obvious stoner humor with some interesting touches … Even if Disjointed is aspiring to the predictable and broad, it’s all executed with precision … Working to hold together the disparate bits and pieces are a likable cast lead by an easygoing Bates, sporting an inconsistent accent, but landing laughs through the show’s genial haze.” — The Hollywood Reporter.

➢ “Is Disjointed better if you’re stoned? Well, of course. Pot has been adding another dimension — and improving the flaws of bad television — for almost as long as we’ve had the medium. And Disjointed, in particular, seems designed to satisfy a mellower state of mind. It’s slow and spacey and visually kinetic, with a, well, disjointed format that frames traditional multi-camera set pieces with fake commercials, animated segments, and fictional YouTube videos … It’s so scattershot that it appears to imply meaning, when the fact is, it might also just be random.” — Variety.

➢ “Often, the best parts of Disjointed are the little videos that break up the scenes. Some are homemade internet spots to advertise the store. Some are tripped-out moments, usually animated. There are some parodies of old warnings against the dangers of marijuana, and a couple of them may even be real. Of course, most of the jokes are pot-related, and high people can get on your nerves. Ingesting Disjointed is pretty harmless. You might get a buzz, though. There are a few laughs, but I can pretty much assure you that you won’t get addicted.” — Los Angeles Daily News.

➢ “Disjointed is an enjoyable mess that probably makes more sense if you’re stoned … If you do watch the show stoned, you’ll laugh. But then again, if you watch Wolf Blitzer stoned, you’ll probably laugh, too. The rest of us can enjoy a contact high. This isn’t primo TV, but it’s also not stems and seeds.” — San Francisco Chronicle.

➢ “Disjointed is a thoroughly professional, overall pleasant, largely painless piece of work. The cast is good company; the jokes land often enough.” — Los Angeles Times.

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