Critical Condition: Fool Me Once

Here’s what critics are saying about new nanny-cam thriller Fool Me Once, starring Joanna Lumley and Michelle Keegan, which launches today on Netflix:

“It would be a lie to say that this is anything other highly bingeable fare. I devoured all of its eight hours one after the other, just as the Netflix algorithm ordained that I would. I doubt I will be thinking or talking about it much come the end of January. But it pushes all the usual buttons to great effect.” — Evening Standard.

“It’s Keegan’s show, and she impresses as a woman working through battlefield trauma even as she discovers her seemingly happy marriage wasn’t all she thought it to be. She must contend, too, with a scenery-devouring Lumley – if Lumley doesn’t quite act Keegan off-screen, she is nonetheless fantastically formidable. Throw in a plot that moves like a slinky on steroids and you have a post-Christmas thriller to cherish.” — The Telegraph.

“The script, written by the usually reliable Danny Brocklehurst (Ten Pound Poms, Brassic) is a mess of over-explanation and exposition, simultaneously treating its audience like children and over-complicating even the simplest of narratives. I can only imagine Brocklehurst was shackled by the source material and Netflix demands. Still, it’s a shame that decent actors like Keegan and Adeel Akhtar (who was excellent in James Graham’s Sherwood) have to contend with such lazy programme making.” — inews.

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6 Responses to “Critical Condition: Fool Me Once”

  1. YAY, I see Broadchurch is now on ThreeNow. I wonder when the movie channel is coming? Hope they have good movies 🤔

  2. I see Minecraft: The Movie is going to be made in New Zealand starring Jason Momoa and Jack Black. I think that’s the blockbuster movie the Upper Hutt Leader was hinting at. I see it’s a Warner Bros movie 😁

  3. WBD still doesn’t have an ETA for Moviesphere, Trevor (or at least not one it’s willing to share). It’s a Lionsgate FAST channel, so here are some of the movies that could pop up.

  4. The titles of the movies don’t give me much hope Philip 😂

  5. My wife and I have just started watching this and 3 episodes in we’re both really enjoying it.

  6. Yes, Aaron, we knocked it off in a couple of days, too. It’s good, trashy fun with a great (if overwrought) twist.

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