Critical Condition: Frontier

Frontier (Netflix, from Friday)

Frontier is not subtle. It’s an old-fashioned action-adventure tale whose hour-long episodes play like an old-fashioned Saturday matinee. Lots of different factions, including Americans, Brits, Scots, natives, and Irish, run around the beautiful wilderness of Canada — before it was Canada — hoping to get a bigger piece of the trade. Of course, the Hudson’s Bay Company is not going to let that happen; it has a monopoly on the fur trade, and its goons will fight to maintain it.” — Boston Globe.

“High among the many heretofore unanswered questions of our age: What would happen if Game of Thrones’ Khal Drogo was resurrected as a bloodthirsty fur trader in 18th-century North America? Netflix and Discovery Canada provide an answer with Frontier, a propulsive, gleefully gory six-episode adventure series about the half-Irish/half-Native American Declan Harp (Jason Momoa), formerly a hired hand for the corporately cutthroat Hudson Bay Company, and now their sworn, very vengeful enemy.” — The Hollywood Reporter.

“The actor may be known for his strength, but not even he can overpower the cliché-riddled dialogue and dull plotting. There are about four to five different half-interesting stories here smashed into one quasi-intriguing period piece that, in a way, could almost be described as the North American (and far more boring) counterpart to Taboo, the FX show where Tom Hardy plays a wild rebel at odds with the East India Company. Yet even Hardy’s most unintelligible grunt is better than much of the dialogue on Frontier.” — Entertainment Weekly.

“Momoa dominates the material, and most of his co-stars, too much, through no fault of his own. Harp is so much more interesting than everyone else on screen that it’s hard to blame the creative team (which includes San Andreas director Brad Peyton, and writers Rob and Peter Blackie) for treating him nearly the way Homer Simpson wanted the Itchy & Scratchy writers to treat Poochie: ‘Whenever Poochie’s not on-screen, all the other characters should be asking, ‘Where’s Poochie?'” — UPROXX.

“The Canadian Discovery Channel’s first scripted drama, made with Netflix is a rollicking good yarn, blessedly lacking in earnestness and devoted to fast-paced action … Frontier is not what you’d call subtly multilayered. It wears its action/adventure intentions on its sleeve and moves forward with its own propulsive force, full of twists and shocking turns … Highly recommended.” — The Globe and Mail.

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  1. I like Jason Momoa so I’m looking forward to seeing Frontier :)

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