Critical Condition: Heroes Reborn

US reviews of Heroes Reborn (TV3, 8.30 Monday) suggest the next generation will have more trouble saving their own show than the world.

US reviews of Heroes Reborn (TV3, 8.30 Monday) suggest the next generation will have more trouble saving their own show than the world.

USA Today“Surely there can be no doubt that recommitting to Heroes requires a leap of faith, considering how the show’s original run famously imploded after its first season — losing track of its characters and its story and plummeting through incoherence into irrelevance. Still, the buzz-generating energy of that first 2006 season lingers, enough to cause NBC and creator Tim Kring to relaunch the show (and, they hope, tap into the current superhero craze) for a closed-ended 13-episode run. Hold on to that ‘closed-ended’ part, because it provides the best reason to hope that Reborn will not follow in the original’s wandering footsteps — despite a two-hour premiere that is, in typical Heroes fashion, chaotic and inconsistent. Even so, combine some intriguing new characters and some fine old favorites with a seemingly workable ‘save the world’ story, and you may just have enough to sustain those 13 episodes.”

Variety“A revival of the series that combines characters old and new, replicating the original’s intricately woven template while introducing a new slate of super-powered players strewn across the globe … Heroes Reborn faces a formidable challenge. Without possessing quite the same nostalgia factor as The X-Files, the show must seek to recapture its early days while establishing new threads to reach beyond that core. All told, the premiere isn’t a bad step in that direction, but it’s unclear whether enough untapped power resides in the premise to ensure that the series can save itself, much less the world.”

“NBC’s reasons for reviving the property so soon after its cancellation might have everything to do with the heroes craze sweeping the box office (see Avengers: Age of Ultron) and TV (ArrowThe FlashDaredevilMarvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.). Rather than try something new, why not go back to a familiar property? For one, the show’s most popular performers — Milo Ventimiglia, Hayden Panettiere and Zachary Quinto — have moved on. Second, creator/executive producer Kring hasn’t learned anything from seasons two through four. Heroes Reborn suffers from the same excesses that alienated viewers — too many characters, too many plot threads, too many snippets of scenes that serve to advance little but the time to a commercial break.”

thr_logo12-1.jpg2_2-600x208“Tim Kring’s sci-fi series about ordinary people with superhuman powers picks up five years after the original left off, with a mostly new set of characters … Whether Kring and his writers can make all this — along with the promise of other new recruits to come — cohere into gripping storytelling is an open question at this point so early in a series that we’re told will have a firm beginning, middle and end. Right now, it’s big and busy and slickly packaged but dramatically diffuse and a little soapy in its portentousness. That probably makes it unsuitable for grownups.”

Entertainment_Weekly-1.svg_Heroes Reborn does little to rebuke the charge that we need less from this genre and fewer reboots in general, not more. It should be dismissed out of hand for being a product of dispiriting trends that are cheating us out of bolder, more original entertainment. … Maybe you’re the kind of person who can’t get enough fantasy about super-powered people, allegory for diversity, oppression and self-realisation, and pulpy parables about grief and fury in the age of tragedy and injustice. Maybe you feel no responsibility to the project of redeeming television by reassessing and reconstructing your tastes and viewing habits. And if that’s the case, well, you should still avoid Heroes Reborn. It’s just not good enough.”

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  1. SO looking forward to Heroes Reborn, hope it gets amazing ratings 🙂

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