Critical Condition: Lore

Lore | Amazon Prime, from today

➢ “The challenges of transferring an audio-only format to a video medium can be seen in Amazon’s Lore, based on the popular and award-winning podcast from Aaron Mahnke. Boasting a superstar team of producers including Gale Anne Hurd (The Walking Dead), Ben Silverman (The Office) and Glen Morgan (The X-Files), Lore is a lacklustre advertisement for the podcast for non-listeners and rarely distinctive enough to stand out as a TV show in its own right.” — The Hollywood Reporter.

➢ “Where the podcast Lore is packed with information, observation and philosophy, the re-enactments that dominate each television episode can feel overlong and tedious even at – or especially at – their most overwrought and hysterical … They have some of the flavour of … TV’s Unsolved Mysteries, which Mahnke has cited as a formative influence, along with The X-Files. The cheesiness may be to some extent intentional.” — Los Angeles Times.

➢ “The small-screen version of Mahnke’s popular 2-year-old podcast from Walking Dead EP Hurd and ex-NBC Entertainment co-chairman Silverman is also clearly going for something different. It’s something you can really bite into and something that is quite yummy. In a deft adaptation that may be an acquired taste for some … the series blends reenactments by Colm Feore and Campbell Scott, animation, narration, and historical documents and footage to unveil the true story of the modern vampire legend and more.” — Deadline Hollywood.

➢ “By nature, podcasts thrive on quality audio storytelling … A television show adds visual and more character elements that can either distract or enhance the story being told. Lore makes this transition flawlessly. Mahnke still provides the episode narration in his trademark style that makes you feel like you’re sitting around a campfire swapping ghost stories. But the episodes then mix in documentary elements and dramatisation.” — Tampa Bay Times.

➢ “The hodgepodge of mediums works out much better than one would imagine. The visual elements add a level of depth and humanity not always readily apparent on the podcast. The reenactments with actors takes up the vast majority of screen time and are almost uniformly interesting and even moreso when augmented with actual photos … Ultimately, Lore represents a positive step in the continued takeover of traditional TV properties by streaming services.” — Den of Geek.

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