Critical Condition: Lost in Space

Lost in Space | Netflix, from Friday

➢ “Lost in Space absolutely represents fresh ground for Netflix, at least in terms of its potential reach. Previously a beloved 1960s TV show and a less-than-beloved 1998 feature, Lost in Space premieres Friday as possibly Netflix’s broadest series to date. It’s an old-fashioned, fast-moving, family-friendly adventure yarn unmuddied by an excess of subtext, political undercurrent or narrative mythologising. Even feeling overcalculated at every turn, the show is fun, occasionally exciting and ever-so-accessible.” — The Hollywood Reporter.

➢ “Setting aside the fact that this Lost in Space is unforgivably predictable, badly written and slow as Christmas, it also suffers from a lack of clear intent: Is it meant for kids and teenagers, mainly? (And if so, does that forgive the clunky dialogue and stiff acting?) Is it meant as an homage to the original? (Thus pardoning a messy mix of genres?) Is it just another piece of Netflix content that doesn’t really know what it’s trying to be?” — The Washington Post.

➢ “Though the show’s never a chore to watch, it’s not until around chapter six that it starts to become a genuine pleasure. To preserve a little mystery, the story of why and how the Robinsons and the other families took to the stars gets parceled out too gradually, in scenes that pop up so abruptly that it sometimes it takes a second or two to register that they’re set in the past. The motivation behind the lurching backstory makes sense though, even when it doesn’t exactly work.” — Rolling Stone.

➢ “The two characters who intrigue me are the characters most altered in the rebooting. The robot is introduced as a strange alien intelligence, with a vaguely xenomorphic shapeshifting ability. The robot comes with a bit of mystery. But here’s the wildest touch: Parker Posey’s Dr. Smith isn’t a doctor, and her name isn’t even Smith. She’s an utterly ludicrous character who is fun about a quarter of the time, which makes her the most fascinating human around.” — Entertainment Weekly.

➢ “The show looks like a blockbuster space movie, with a soundtrack loaded up with the same wonder-filled strings and horns we hear in those same movies. But all that action is painfully repetitive and tedious. … Posey, though, grew on me as Dr. Smith. She’s not over-the-top enough to raise the overall energy level, but she provides a welcome spot of evil and humor. While the Robinsons brave every crisis the CGI whizzes throw at them, always certain they will prevail, her fear and loathing are tons of fun.” — Boston Globe.

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