Critical Condition: Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun (Lightbox, streaming now)

➢ “A glamorous Parisian cop investigates a death in remote northern Scandinavia in this intriguing series … The investigation, and the series, is a Swedish-French collaboration, The Killing meets Spiral, Abba covers Je t’aime, köttbullar au vin. It’s a promising flavour combination, gory and gothic, even if the meat may be a little underdone for some palates.” — The Guardian.

➢ “It has been said we’re living in a new golden age of television … And then along comes a show like Midnight Sun, which upends everything and shames even the very best of the top shelf shows. Imagine a show that could make The West Wing and The Crown look like Benson and The Royals.” — Sydney Morning Herald.

➢ “Midnight Sun offers more than just a series of murder mysteries. Even when the show makes a splash with its memorable crimes, there’s no shortage of other puzzles to solve. Peering beneath the surface of seemingly ordinary communities may be another common trait of Nordic Noir; however every new revelation and clue gives rise to more questions, and hints that nothing is quite what it seems.” — SBS.

➢ “When Björn Stein and Måns Mårlind sat down to make a new show after their triumphant success with The Bridge, one question must have been foremost in their minds. How do we come up with an opening premise as rich and original as the first Bridge when a body was found straddling the Swedish and Danish border, thus bringing in two very distinct investigation teams? Let the record state that Midnight Sun‘s opening sequence is almost certainly the most jaw-droppingly terrifying start to a TV show. Ever.” — The List.

➢ “Eight weeks ago, when [this] Franco-Swedish thriller began … the stage was set for an explosive series of culture clashes. Alas, those who stuck with it – and there can’t be too many of them – will have stared wide-eyed and open-mouthed as it spun into terminal silliness.” — The Arts Desk.

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