Critical Condition: Narcos

Narcos | Netflix, from Friday

➢ “Narcos wrapped up its Pablo Escobar storyline in two terrific seasons, raising the question of what the show could possibly do for an encore without Wagner Moura in that role. The answer, it turns out, was to splendidly hit the reset button, with Pedro Pascal moving to the center and a quartet of Cali Cartel kingpins filling the void … Narcos remains tense — almost unbearably so at times — bleak and disturbing …  The third season has demonstrated that it’s capable of reloading, recasting and, dramatically speaking, delivering the same high..” — CNN.

➢ “The elements that made Narcos so compelling in its first two seasons are all here: the familiar opening credits and music, lush cinematography and plenty of suspense as we get to know some of the new characters … And there’s even an homage of sorts to the reckoning scene from The Godfather — apropos in the Narcos universe and not for the squeamish. All signs point to a solid season. I’ll be along for the ride. You should be, too.” — New York Post.

➢ “The show could do better with its shallow portrayal of its female characters, but fans of mob dramas should otherwise find everything they want. The narrative picks up its pace as the season progresses into a final run of episodes that feature the most suspenseful sequences Narcos has ever had. If only the show’s thrillingly dramatised body count didn’t represent such a real-life human cost.” — Entertainment Weekly.

➢ “It is still a series that seeks to offer a unique perspective into an era many may not know about, a series grounded in enough humanity to elevate what might otherwise be easily stereotyped storytelling. The best moments of Narcos are when it shows that the men and women whose lives are entwined with these cartels don’t think of them as businesses. They think of them as families, institutions, governments, impossibly powerful. Which is why they might be loyal to them beyond all else, which brings their actions into such clarity on screen.” — IndieWire.

➢ “It takes a few episodes of the third season before you really get a handle on the characters and the story. It eventually draws you into the family dynamics while ramping up the action … Though well-done and watchable, season three doesn’t really distinguish itself from a number of other drug-crime stories without Escobar. You can never underestimate the appeal of a madman.” — Los Angeles Daily News.

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3 Responses to “Critical Condition: Narcos”

  1. Warning: preg_replace(): Unknown modifier '/' in /home/customer/www/ on line 66
    September 1, 2017 at 11:07 am

    Sorry for being off top but I just wanted to say GRRRRRR at TVNZ for not screening the leaders debate in HD, it looked SO awful 🙁

  2. Not off topic at all, Trevor. Your observation is why I set this site up. Just when I thought it was becoming redundant — ie. virtually everything is HD now — we had a fiasco like last night’s SD telecast. Have asked TVNZ why and awaiting a reply.

  3. Thanks Philip, I hope they sort it out for their other debates. Hoping better for Three on Monday night 🙂

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