Critical Condition: Our Cartoon President

Our Cartoon President | SoHo, 10.00 Friday

➢ “The caricature of Donald Trump presented in the series is so oafishly relatable he does little to resemble our very real and very dangerous president (aside from a decent impression from voice actor Jeff Bergman). Our Cartoon President turns Trump into a dumb sitcom dad, using familiar TV frameworks to drive the story of a witless-yet-working White House that should be batshit insane. Inauthentic and ineffective, the first episode does nothing to justify its existence — including offer any laughs.” — IndieWire.

➢ “While the character studies — and voice performances — are eerily accurate, the satire is surprisingly restrained. Our Cartoon President appears to love its First Family a little too much to really skewer it. The sitcom draws from current events for much of its storytelling … Yet at its core Our Cartoon President feels like Family Guy, with Trump as Peter Griffin: In the show’s imagining, Trump is a bumbling idiot, but a mostly harmless and sometimes even adorable one.” — Variety.

➢ “President fits into the mold of Family Guy, in which the fun is had when the main character behaves badly. And while there is certainly a critique of the president and many jokes at his expense, it also has some affection for its characters, which might surprise liberal audiences looking for a straight takedown of the president.” — USA Today.

➢ “The Trump of Our Cartoon President is a collection of animated-buffoon types. He’s hapless but harmless. He whines about presidential duties like Fred Flintstone being asked to take out the saber-toothed cat. In national security meetings, he dives for the nuclear football like the Trix rabbit. The series does have sharp moments around the edges, including a running gag about the president’s symbiosis with Fox & Friends (‘Mr. President, rise and shine and I love you’) and … its Stephen Miller, an S-and-M creeper who invokes demons to help polish his speech drafts, might be the show’s one true satirical invention.” — New York Times.

➢ “It’s a little workplace comedy and a little family comedy, but even with the possibilities inherent in animation, it barely exaggerates the principal characters beyond their naturally occurring level of exaggeration. Cruz as a crazed lurker comes close. Ben Carson as a sleepy guy with meandering thoughts or Steve Mnuchin as a slick huckster prone to saying thoughtless things about the less fortunate do not.” — The Hollywood Reporter.

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