Critical Condition: Ozark (S2)

Ozark | Netflix, from Friday

➢➢ “Season 2 of the show—still tense and twisty, returning to Netflix on August 31—ramps up the inexcusably dumb behavior, raising stakes while still shielding the core family from any real consequences. Which is probably what keeps Mark Williams and Bill Dubuque’s series from truly becoming the highest-quality prestige television it apparently aches to be … That isn’t to say that Ozark Season 2 is bad, or that it will disappoint fans of the first season.” — Vanity Fair.

➢➢ “Picking up where last season left off, Marty Byrde continues to navigate the murky waters of life with a dangerous drug cartel. But this time, he doesn’t just have to launder the Mexicans’ money for them, he’s got to build them a casino too … The acting is top quality and Laura Linney is the standout. She and Jason Bateman have replicated the same chemistry that Tony and Carmela Soprano mastered more than a decade ago. It’s scintillating to watch and makes for some of the best moments in TV’s most thrilling crime drama since Breaking Bad.” — Metro.

➢➢ “If the first season of Ozark was manic, veering wildly in pacing and mood, the second season is just straight-out depressive and depressing. Life, even in its saddest and most bitter moments, has variation. The second season of Ozark, however, is a 10-episode slog of grinding narrative gears, ominous pronouncements about consequences, affectless violence and a monochromatic aesthetic that left me giggling at its miserable pretensions.” — The Hollywood Reporter.

➢➢ “Ozark bears similarities to Breaking Bad so clear I don’t think I really need list them, and yes, it continues to in season 2; less so in some senses, even more so in others. But so what?  If Ozark can manage even half the excitement that came with watching Breaking Bad then strap me the hell in. And the good news is that it does with this new season, which is a little slow off the blocks but has a full head of steam by the climax.” — The Independent.

➢➢ “Watching Ozark, you might be reminded of the heyday of The Sopranos — only here, the crime boss shares his criminal activities with his wife, who is just as much, if not more, of a felon. Bateman and Linney are marvelous as characters crossing ethical lines they once considered third rails to get what they want.” 

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9 Responses to “Critical Condition: Ozark (S2)”

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    August 31, 2018 at 12:42 pm

    Phil, Talking all things Netflix-y, do you have any intel on the return of The Detectorists? We watched Seasons 1 & 2, and quite enjoyed them and know Season 3 has been shown AGES ago in the UK. Are you able to find out any info?

  2. Yes, it’s a great show, Rosco. But I imagine Sky will have the rights for another year or so. The first two seasons aired on UKTV — as did Peaky Blinders, season four of which screened nearly a year ago on BBC but has still to surface on Netflix. S1-2 of Detectorists date back to 2014-15 and only turned up this year on Netflix NZ (long after Netflix US). So I’d say 2019 at the earliest for S3.

  3. Isn’t UKTV programmed by BBC NZ (and therefore BBC)? So Sky really has little control over timing of series like Detectorists – its entirely up to when BBC NZ decide to air it, correct? I note that BBC Knowledge is rebranding from late October. Wonder if that might include an upgrade to HD?

  4. Yes, that’s true, but UKTV is a service Sky continues to provide in SD and one that effectively stops HD content like The Detectorists and Peaky Blinders from turning up sooner in HD on Netflix. And no, there won’t be an immediate upgrade to HD for the revamped BBC Knowledge channel.

  5. I think the point I’m trying to make is that the ability for Netflix to provide The Detectorists is entirely in the hands of BBC. When the show has completed its broadcast in this market then Netflix’s rights window would kick in. It’s disingenuous to blame anyone other than the existing rights holder for any delays in broadcast in NZ regardless of the quality of that broadcast.

  6. Your point’s acknowledged but from a consumer perspective the blame lies squarely with Sky for not providing a premium subscriber experience. It’s had years to upgrade UKTV to HD but instead has opted to add more second-tier SD channels and irrelevant pop-up channels that are nothing more than promotional platforms for its movie and SoHo channels. The number of sports channels in HD is a disgrace compared to the entertainment channels it offers in HD (two — SoHo effectively is a double pay wall and Prime is cynically used as a subscriber incentive). The BBC’s also at fault for continuing to allow its first-run and library content to be transmitted so shabbily when you can scarcely buy a new TV that isn’t 4K.

  7. I wholeheartedly agree that Sky has been woeful with respect to improving its HD proposition. Many factual and general entertainment channels should have been upgraded years ago and that Sky continues to sit on its hands speaks volumes for its decline from a consumer perspective. There is, however, nothing stopping BBC from sellings its first-run broadcast rights to other HD broadcasters in this market and monetising its content. Similarly there is nothing preventing BBC from waiving its first-run rights in favour of Netflix streamings rights. We clearly have differing opinions on who is to blame for the release of new content in the market.

  8. You should really get full detailed answers as to the lack of HD from the CEO and whoever owns Sky TV. Force it down their throat that its absolutely disgusting to still only broadcast in SD where all subscription ondemand services have HD all at a lower price. And virtually all content made these days are made in a minimum in HD and its extremely common worldwide to broadcast most content via satellite in HD. And also, Internet-delivered content is extremely popular worldwide too and many providers offer it. The only company I can think of worldwide that doesn’t do this is the selfish Aucklanders from New Zealand called SKY TV.

  9. Chris, SkyTV is a listed NZ company with many many shareholders (and no significant shareholder). Your concerns should be addressed to the CEO and the Board. If you feel strongly your best avenue is to own a minimum number of shares and raise your questions/concerns at the AGM – directly to the board and demand answers. However, Sky is not the only subscription based operator that broadcasts in SD – feel free to do your own research it’ll help your argument. Suggesting it’s an Auckland, New Zealand issue will not help in arguing your case – it’d just make you look emotive and petty.

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