Critical Condition: Save Me

Save Me | SoHo, 8.30 Sunday

➢ “The story follows the story of Nelly, whose world is turned upside down when he is arrested and accused of kidnapping the 13-year-old daughter he barely knew existed. Jody’s mother, Claire, who shared a ‘summer of love’ with Nelly 14 years ago, is convinced of his guilt. As a result, Nelly heads on a mission to clear his name by finding the real abductor and save his daughter. It’s a journey that will challenge him to be a better man, and atone for his past mistakes, not least towards Claire.” — The Sun.

➢ “Lennie James as writer and star, Suranne Jones as a desperate mother, and a complex mystery with a missing child at the heart of it – there are so many elements of Save Me that point towards a Guaranteed Quality TV Moment that it would have been shocking if it failed to live up to expectations. Instead, this is a well-functioning, gripping thriller that sets up a convincing world for its lothario, then threatens to violently dismantle it, piece by piece.” — The Guardian.

➢ “It says something about the calibre of the lead actors in Save Me that Suranne Jones’s performance, strong though it is, is one of the least memorable … Stephen Graham’s almost sympathetic portrayal of a gentle-voiced, convicted paedophile — almost, that is, until you see him searching dark-web paedo sites called “Bruised Fruit” and “Virgin Pain” — is masterful … One of Save Me’s great many strengths is that its world is credible and most characters are flawed or weak and no one’s perfect.” — The Times.

➢ “Nearly a decade ago, Lennie James bunked off to US TV. After all those seasons as Morgan Jones on The Walking Dead, it does the heart good to see him charismatically fronting a British drama of his own devising. Save Me is a salty London thriller which has James’s fingerprints all over it: unusually for the lead actor, James takes the main credit as scriptwriter.” — The Telegraph.

➢ “If Save Me is the reason World Productions is making us wait until next year for our next fix of Line of Duty I am absolutely willing to let them off. I will also give maximum credit to The Walking Dead’s Lennie James for taking time out from bashing zombies with a stick to write AND star in this gripping tale of a teenage girl called Jody who goes missing, presumed abducted … It’s one of those dramas where you’re never entirely sure who is dodgy as hell and who is a good guy – if indeed there are any good guys.” — The Mirror.

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  1. Yay, season 2 of 3% is coming to Netflix in April, I hope it includes the English language version like season 1, I’m not a fan of sub-titles :)

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