Critical Condition: Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley (SoHo, 8.30 Thursdays)

“As the fourth, astute-as-ever season of Silicon Valley begins … for the first time, the Pied Piper team’s focus is divided … The splintering of the group enables the series to open new channels of competitiveness between the principal characters while also continuing to do what it does best: develop admirably intricate story lines about high-tech-sector politics as well as the inevitability that those who either possess or covet power will engage in petty behaviour.” — New York Magazine.

“Knowing there’s doom – and maybe just a little bit of justice – around the corner for the guys at Pied Piper makes the fourth season of Silicon Valley more addicting than ever. It’s an unpredictable show (beyond the few inner-group relationships that remain largely the same after four years), and even an uncompromising and brutal one, ready to rip apart its characters’ hardest-fought work in seconds and leave them up a creek.” — We Got This Covered.

“There’s a sense that we’ve traveled down this road paved with silicon once or twice before, but the ride is still smart, engaging and highly informative … If Silicon Valley and the boys tend to repeat themselves, that may be because Silicon Valley itself is on an endless feedback loop. Going back to the days of Atari, it’s always been about money chasing the ‘killer app.’ All Silicon Valley has done is find the utter absurdity in the chase. You watch this show and suspect that it never had to look far either.” — Newsday.

“The challenge for Valley in its fourth season was to somehow parallel the nonstop innovation that occurs in the real-life Silicon Valley while retaining the elements that have made this comedy a success — primarily, the constant, abrasive interactions between brilliant losers Dinesh, Richard, Gilfoyle, Jared, and Erlich. Based on the three episodes made available for review, Silicon Valley has innovated to just the right degree.” — Yahoo TV.

“And while we do have our underdogs back, they’ve now made room in their ranks for Monica (Amanda Crew). The Raviga employee’s fortune has been tied to Pied Piper from the beginning, but in season four, her personal stakes are higher than ever. Rather than merely advise and hope for the best, she’s taking matters (and pranks) into her own hands. It’s a small adjustment, but one that creates great new possibilities for the show.” — The AV Club.

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