Critical Condition: The Affair

The Affair (SoHo, 8.30 Sundays)

“The number of central characters and perspectives has expanded in this new season … A visiting French professor named Juliette (Irène Jacob) who gets romantically involved with Noah enters the picture, providing yet another view of unfolding events. While adding more POVs may seem excessive, it actually speaks to The Affair’s broader point: that the decisions made by two adulterous people keep rippling outward, affecting the members of their inner circle as well as those who once resided well outside of it.” — New York Magazine.

The Affair continues to keep us intrigued, which is always an accomplishment worth noting; we’ll definitely be watching as Season 3 proceeds. If only because the show has built up a rich tapestry beyond its most problematic character..” — IndieWire.

“Although The Affair remains one of the most interesting and well-written dramas around, Dominic West’s portrayal of Noah has outworn some of its welcome; he’s far more interesting when his libido takes precedence over his angst. As the story continues to sprawl, The Affair loses sight of its main draw — a torrid extramarital affair between Noah and Alison, the singularly bad decision from which so many more bad decisions have flowed.” — The Washington Post.

“There is a palpable animating intelligence in the show, and it is often elegantly executed, gripping on an episode by episode level. Though it looks like a soap opera, its construction along Rashomon lines—with every character’s perspective showing the situation from their vantage—betrays that it has other ambitions. The problem is that, like its characters, it cannot seem to fully commit to anything.” — The New Republic.

The Affair is watchable again … Show co-creator Sarah Treem [has] wisely advanced the storyline three years. Noah has served his time in Fishkill penitentiary … Noah’s prison experiences, which are recalled in the show’s familiar flashback framework, add a new texture to the show.” — New York Post.

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