Critical Condition: The Brothers Sun

Here’s what critics are saying about Asian sensation The Brothers Sun, which launches today on Netflix:

“An action comedy thriller with a cute premise: Michelle Yeoh plays an apparently mild-mannered Los Angeles woman whose son (Sam Song Li) is a soft-hearted slacker — but he’s in for a double surprise. He has a brother (Justin Chien), a powerful Taipei gangster, who’s now in town because some Triads have vowed to target his family. How will Mom take the news? As you might guess given that Michelle Yeoh plays her, she takes to this new life of guns, hand-to-hand combat and peril rather easily. It’s a cross between martial arts spectacular and oddball family comedy.” — Radio Times.

“Containing plenty of stylish and stylised violence, this comedy-drama has its cake and eats it, relishing the thriller elements but keeping its tongue firmly in its cheek.” — The Guardian.

“Promises to be hectic, chaotic, and endlessly entertaining. Powered by Yeoh’s undeniable star power, and with not much happening in January, The Brothers Sun has everything to become a breakout hit for Netflix.” — Digital Trends.

“A delightful action dramedy about family, obligations and brothers, The Brothers Sun is a sensational and fun showcase of cultural specificity … the perfect mix of comedy and drama. It’s a narrative about what’s expected, what can be endured and how much we are willing to give up so others can live out their dreams.” — Variety.

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