Critical Condition: The Fall

The Fall (SoHo, 8.30 Tuesday)

“The beloved BBC Two series returned with a well-welcomed chill tonight as worryingly attractive serial killer Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan) continued his reign of terror. Despite losing more blood than he’s actually shed in all the episodes of the thriller put together, Spector was just as menacing when unconscious as he is dressed in black from head-to-toe and creeping through second floor windows. The series was previously described as “an invitation to share an extended rape fantasy,” by critics , but this episode was pure psychological thriller.” — Daily Mirror.

“The first two series of BBC Two’s The Fall attracted heavy criticism for their portrayal of ritual violence against women. But this opener of series 3 started to redress that balance – by showing, in truly gory detail, the aftermath of the shooting of Paul Spector … In general, I’m not queasy with TV and films. But Spector’s plight was portrayed with such a level of bloodthirstiness, even my hardened stomach turned.” — Forbes.

“This third run picks up moments after last series’ cliffhanger finale … After such a tense finale, we were intrigued to see where writer/director Allan Cubitt is going to take the plot next, but this premiere episode gives few hints … So while this episode may have had a slow, shaky start, the promise of [Gillian] Anderson continuing to deliver the goods – and perhaps more gripping confrontations between her character’s and Dornan’s – means we’ll all tune in again next week.” — Digital Spy.

This was a compelling opening episode, revisiting all the major characters in brief but menacing snatches and cleverly generating tension all around. It’s too early yet to tell if it will match the peerless terror of series one. But clearly, there’s plenty of mileage left in The Fall.” — The Telegraph.

“This show thinks it is Very Important Viewing, unmissable drama, televisual literature. The fact is it’s very missable indeed. Any viewer who couldn’t remember the last series in 2014 wouldn’t have a clue why anyone should care about these boring characters with their heavy breathing and lingering silences.” — Daily Mail.

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    October 5, 2016 at 10:35 am

    We have enjoyed the first two series and looking forward to watch the third series.

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