Critical Condition: The Letdown

The Letdown | Netflix, from Saturday

➢ “Co-created by star Alison Bell, who plays new mother Audrey, and Sarah Scheller, The Letdown may just be the funniest, and most truthful, thing on TV right now. This is comedy anchored thoroughly in the real-world experience of first-time parenting. You don’t need a birth canal or breasts to identify with it, though the sense that the show is speaking to, for and about you will be that much greater if you do. Regardless of gender or parental status, there’s so much here that rings true.” — Sydney Morning Herald.

➢ “The Letdown vividly captures the twilight zone period of new parenthood, where life feels Kafkaesque, and a baby-less past, while recent, feels like a totally separate plain of existence, never to return. Bell steers (and steals) the show as new mother Audrey Holloway, who begins attending a parents group moderated by an unsympathetic maternal health nurse (Noni Hazlehurst)..” — The Guardian.

➢ “It’s one of the best casts seen in an Australian TV comedy in recent years, led by Bell, who manages to make her exhausted, defeated and sometimes cynical character entirely three-dimensional and endearing. With supporting actors such as Noni Hazlehurst, Sarah Peirse, Lucy Durack, Sacha Horler and Leah Vandenberg all delivering fine performances, The Letdown is well worth a look, even if you have little interest in the trials and tribulations of modern motherhood.” — Daily Review.

➢ “In one three-minute scene, The Letdown managed to show what we already knew to be true – new mums are women first. Smart, funny, vulnerable women who, on occasion, need other women to hold them up, or lend them their shirt when they pee themselves. So thank you, The Letdown, for making mums feel like they’re not in this thing alone.” — MamaM!a

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