Critical Condition: Wasted

Wasted | Lightbox, from Wednesday

➢ “Wasted was a promising new sitcom about a quartet of twentysomething Somerset slackers, one of whom had recurring visions of [Sean] Bean as his “spirit guide”. Sporting full medieval garb, a foul mouth and a deadpan expression, Bean sent himself up brilliantly. Game of Thrones? Game Of Stoners, more like. Wasted was by no means perfect but it had a riotous energy and a cheekily irreverent approach to its headline-stealing cameo.” — The Telegraph.

➢ “It’s very funny – in a way that might occasionally make you ashamed of yourself for laughing – and it’s got Sean Bean, who plays the ‘spirit guide’ of waster No 1, a hopeless headshop owner called Morpheus … Bean only appears a couple of times an episode, but it’s much more than a celebrity cameo. He gives it all he’s got, playing the role of himself with full intensity, and it’s marvellous.” — The Guardian.

“Brand new E4 show Wasted – one of the year’s finest comedies – began with two back-to-back episodes last night. And while its makers may have been hoping watercooler discussion centred on the show’s neat bringing-up-to-date of Spaced’s late-1990s surrealism, you can’t ignore the fact that the limelight was stolen by Ned bloody Stark!” — NME.

➢ “There was plenty of invention in the opening two episodes including computer game graphics and a carefully choreographed episode in an Indian restaurant in which the proverbial really did hit the fan. How funny it was is another matter.” — The Times.

➢ “It’s hard to imagine what personal low actor Sean Bean was experiencing when he agreed to a recurring cameo role in Wasted, a puerile sitcom. Rare laughs hint that writers Jon Foster and James Lamont could create a good comedy series — if they raise their sights.” — Daily Mail.

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