Critical Condition: White Gold

White Gold | Netflix, streaming now

➢ “The return of The Inbetweeners’ Joe Thomas, 33, and James Buckley, 29, in a brand new BBC comedy from the show’s writer and creator Damon Beesley … The jokes are similar, the characters comfortingly familiar and the cringe-factor is alive and kicking, all now set in the brilliantly niche yet universally accessible world of an Essex double-glazing salesroom in the 1980s.” — Daily Express.

➢ “Rejoice! For the gods of television have bestowed upon us a show devoted to the male rogue who loves nothing more than to escape ‘her indoors’, make money and get lathered with his mates … It’s quite something that television has chosen this utterly wretched moment in British politics to prostrate itself at the feet of Thatcher’s most odious children.” — The Guardian.

➢ “Alas, the slickness cannot paper over threadbare gags and the fact that, starting with the charisma-deficient Swan, every character feels like a caricature of a caricature.” — The Telegraph.

➢ “The reviews are in and White Gold is basically The Inbetweeners set in the 1980s. There’s something very familiar about it all.” — Digital Spy.

➢ “If you’ve never seen an episode of The Inbetweeners, you will probably find White Gold hilarious, fresh and innovative. But if you snigger at signs for Caravan Clubs, describe shiny suits as ‘too jazzy’ and can’t walk past a group of people waiting for public transport without muttering ‘bus wankers’ to yourself, then White Gold may well seem something of a pale imitation of its former – and funnier – whole.” — Radio Times.

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