Delta and Olympics Good News for TVNZ

TVNZ Sales reports more than three million people, or 68% of the country, tuned into coverage of the Olympic Games across TVNZ and Sky.

“During the Olympics, we kept viewers glued to screens for longer, with the average time spent viewing TV at 2 hours 7 minutes, a 26% increase from the average daily time spent viewing YTD (AP25-54).

“The channels broadcasting the Olympics coverage achieved almost half of all television viewing during this period. And the Women’s Sevens final won the gold medal for Olympic audiences, rating a 16.9 for AP25-54.”

During the official opening of the Games on July 23, more than 87,000 live streams were generated on the TVNZ simulcast.

“Overall, the Olympic Games were live streamed a massive 4.53 million times,” TVNZ Sales says.

It points out Tokyo 2020 contributed to a surge of new sign-ups to the TVNZ OnDemand platform, with 32,000 people signing up and streaming content during the Games.

“While most of these viewers primarily came to watch the Games, they also stuck around to consume a range of other content on TVNZ OnDemand.”

TVNZ Sales also reports that from Tuesday-Thursday, almost 2.7 million viewers have tuned in to TVNZ 1 for news updates on the Delta outbreak.

“More than 2.3 million New Zealanders have tuned into 1 News at Six, rating an average of 20.2 for AP5+, with almost 2.3 million people tuning in to the 1 Breaking News Coronavirus Updates, with an average rating of 15.6 for AP5+.”

With more people at home during the day, there’s also been a rise in off-peak PUTS (people using TVs), with the most significant growth occurring between 1pm and 2pm, doubling what they were in July.

“New Zealanders have also been watching a lot more on TVNZ OnDemand,” TVNZ Sales says.

“Since last Tuesday 11.7 million VOD streams and 3.5 million simulcast streams have been generated — a massive total of 11.7 million streams over the last week.

“Last week TVNZ OnDemand had over 20,600 new profiles created, more than double than the week prior. Recently registered viewers have engaged heavily with local entertainment.

“Original local drama The Panthers was streamed over 22,000 times last week by new users.”

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2 Responses to “Delta and Olympics Good News for TVNZ”

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    August 29, 2021 at 9:52 am

    Pity that TVNZ for the Paralympics didn’t get more feeds and use their +1 channels for them rather than just one feed.

  2. My thoughts exactly, surely they could forgo one of those like they did for the Gold Coast Games.

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