Disney+ October Update

Disney+ has removed the season two premiere of The Mysterious Benedict Society and S1-4 of The Good Doctor from its October slate for NZ.

The former was meant to have streamed from October 26 and the latter from October 19. No word yet on when they will resurface.

But the latest update does confirm S34 of The Simpsons will stream from October 12 — even though S33 has yet to land on Disney+ NZ.

If so, then Simpsons fans will be only 3-4 weeks behind US broadcasts.

Also new next month will be S6 of Grey’s Anatomy spin-off Station 19.

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9 Responses to “Disney+ October Update”

  1. AW, I love The Mysterious Benedict Society, how dare you Disney ?

  2. Will be interesting to see if The Simpsons still gets run on TVNZ 2 or not. The 6pm Monday slot was hardly the most of coveted spots, although it hasn’t been a rater for a long while now.

  3. I see the show’s value to TVNZ as being something they can re-run incessantly on TVNZ 2 and Duke. Indeed, some of the primetime Duke re-runs rate better than the first-run eps on TVNZ 2! Personally, I think TVNZ 2 has botched the scheduling of first-run eps. They gave it a brief run 7.30 Fridays where it rated really well and would have made a great lead-in to another series TVNZ has fumbled, Young Sheldon.

  4. Seems that Sky is losing more and more Disney content as time goes on. I first noticed Simpsons gone. Now Family Guy. What’s next? Will Disney leave TVNZ, too? I’ll be happy if they did and that will allow us higher picture and audio bitrates hopefully, especially 4K and Dolby Atmos!

  5. I’ve never really understood how Neon can show The Good Doctor but Sky Go or SoHo do not … assuming it’s a hang up from Lightbox days. Maybe the new Sky box will help define the issue between streamed vs broadcast content?

  6. I don’t think the new box will in the case of The Good Doctor, Jon. As you say, I suspect the discrepancy is due to Sky’s merger with Lightbox, which would have acquired the original rights on an SVOD basis — hence streaming on Neon, an on-demand service that you specifically have to subscribe to, but not SoHo or Sky Go, which are bundled with your Sky sub (although you do have to subscribe to SoHo if you don’t have the movies or sports tier).

  7. I just got an e-mail from Disney+ about what’s coming to New Zealand in October and it does include The Mysterious Benedict Society so I’m feeling confused ?

  8. Thanks for the update, Trevor. I would rely on the email. The press information I received was specifically updated for Disney+ NZ but I’d be very surprised if Benedict doesn’t premiere here the same time as elsewhere. And I’d be even more surprised if Simpsons S34 lands here this month. I queried both with the NZ publicist but never received a reply. Disney+ essentially treats both NZ and Australia as the same market but rights issues can mean series cleared for Oz don’t necessarily stream here. (Cases in point: Devs and Mrs America.) This, along with whatever or however Disney HQ distributes info in-house around the world can, in my experience, lead to contradictions such as this.

  9. They should have someone especially for New Zealand then we wouldn’t have the confusion but anyhow, good to know ?

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