Don’t Overlook … Seven Types of Ambiguity

Seven Types of Ambiguity | TVNZ 10.05 Sunday

➢ “Author Elliot Perlman’s superb, heavy-duty, Rashomonian novel Seven Types of Ambiguity unpacks an emotionally charged mystery – a case involving a child, which may or may not be a kidnapping – from seven highly subjective perspectives … The ABC’s adaptation is tame … but it retains some of its weight and substance.” — The Guardian.

“The classy new ABC six-part drama series … features a distinguished cast, a top-line writing team led by Jacquelin Perske and three highly talented directors … In its elided television form, it’s an emotionally affecting psychological thriller, a kind of Rashomon-like drama exploring the complicated emotional terrain of our lives, especially the way romantic relationships can be open to interpretation.” — The Australian.

“Perlman’s concerns are political as well as personal. He’s as interested in the big betrayals – the sort that see healthcare being put out to tender for private profit rather than public benefit, for instance – as he is in the little ones, in which, say, a well-to-do man in a loveless marriage might seek succour in the arms of a high-class call girl. But the characters in this excellent, superbly acted adaptation are never mere ciphers. They live and breathe and hurt and cheat and seem as confused and conflicted about it all as the rest of us.” — Sydney Morning Herald.

“The first episode follows Joe (Alex Dimitriades), a stockbroker who is currently tied up in a massive and sensitive deal … But on a pivotal day of that deal, Joe’s seven-year-old son, Sam goes missing after school. It becomes clear, in the moment of this horrifying discovery, that Seven Types of Ambiguity is a very confident and intelligently made piece of TV. The entire series is gorgeously scored, and the soundtrack gently builds as Joe and his wife Anna’s (Leeanna Walsman) situation becomes less and less hopeful, while the mundanity of a suburban school transforms into something more sinister.” — Daily Review.

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