Dreaming Darkly of Dexter’s Debut?

SoHo will premiere the penultimate season of Dexter in October.

It will go to air here only a couple of weeks after its September 30 launch in the US.

Season six was a shocker for all the wrong reasons but it did end on a cliffhanger that fans will be desperate to see resolved.

Dexter’s executive producer Sara Colleton told TV Guide: “This whole season we’re going to have great fun playing with every permutation that can be played between Debra and Dexter in their relationship now that this information has come out.

“She was on her way to the church at the end of the last season because she had come to realise that she not only loved her foster brother Dexter but she is in love with him. So now what does she do?

“Does she turn him into the police? Is she repulsed by him? Can she continue to love him? Does she feel an odd relief that finally she understands some fundamental part of him that always felt elusive?

“Dexter was always elusive and Debra always thought it was because of her, and now she knows it wasn’t about her, it was about him really protecting her.

“But she is the head of the homicide division and so it has to really affect her sense of justice and the whole system. It’s a really challenging year for her to juggle. And Dexter, of course, his world is equally rocked.

“He’s never had to deal with these kinds of emotions — regret, guilt, a sense of having let Deb down and also, obviously, the gnawing suspicion that at any time, she could have him arrested.”

New to the show will be Rome’s Ray Stevenson, Luck’s Jason Gedrick and Chuck’s Yvonne Strahovski.

For more plot developments and the latest promo videos, visit Daily Dead.

In the meantime, on Tuesday the first four seasons of Dexter will be released here for the first time on Blu-ray; seasons five and six already are out on Blu-ray.

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One Response to “Dreaming Darkly of Dexter’s Debut?”

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    July 30, 2012 at 12:22 pm

    This is good news. I am really looking forward to the new season of Dexter. Last season was a bit of a dud, so hopefully season seven will see a return to the quality of the first five seasons of this show.

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