Due on Blu: Boy and Dexter

A two-disc collector’s edition of Boy goes on sale Wednesday, with a Blu-ray version imminent.

“We’re working on the Boy Blu-ray at the moment and anticipate having this available early in the new year,” Universal Pictures NZ country manager Michael Coley told ScreenScribe.tv.

Expect it to include the same features as the collector’s DVD: the movie with a commentary by writer/director/star Taika Waititi; a behind the scenes short with a Waititi commentary; deleted and extended scenes; outtakes; Crazy Horses videos; and Waititi’s Oscar-nominated short film, Two Cars, One Night.

The single disc version of Boy has sold 67,000 units since it was released on September 3, making it one of 2010’s top-selling titles.

Coley also told ScreenScribe.tv that season four of Dexter would bow on Blu-ray in early 2011 while due this week after all is Shrek The Whole Story.

Why the delay for Dexter, which has been out on Blu-ray in Australia since last month? “Dexter was an international scheduling challenge that we have rectified, so it will be available early in the new year.”

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4 Responses to “Due on Blu: Boy and Dexter”

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    December 15, 2010 at 11:23 am

    Thanks for confirming the news about the Boy Blu-ray. I was annoyed by the initial lack of a Blu-ray release, and when I heard about the two-disc set, I decided to just pick that up – especially since it has the special feature I was surprised wasn’t on the initial release (the original Two Cars, One Night short). Knowing that the Blu-ray will be available soon, and will have the short, I’m happy to wait a month or two.

  2. Was there anywhere in New Zealand NOT selling Boy? It was all over the counters at every petrol station, bookshop and STD clinic I visited this summer. Now that’s market saturation.

  3. Blu-ray, here in Australia has really taken off and is massive. I have been hanging out for the Blu-ray release of Boy. Is it expected to hit the Australian market the same time as the NZ market? Or is there a separate confirmation date on when the Blu-ray of Boy will hit Australian shelves? This movie is far too good to have only a DVD release. I look forward to your response.

  4. Expect the Blu-ray to come out on both sides of the Tasman around the same time, although a date beyond “early in the new year” has still to be confirmed. Universal Pictures NZ wanted to maximise its investment in a Blu-ray pressing by waiting until after the movie’s theatrical run in Australia, so it could capitalise on both territories for combined sales. NZ’s a much smaller market than Australia and sometimes misses out on DVD releases because distributors say the cost of a release isn’t justified (ie. seasons two and three of Breaking Bad and Brotherhood, and the SBS series, The Killing). Despite being NZ’s biggest-grossing NZ movie, and the top box office drawcard of 2010, Boy is finding few buyers internationally.

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