New to Blu: December 21-January 10

Horrible Bosses they may be but the latest R-rated comedy’s Blu-ray transfer is “really sweet … Sharp details, fantastic picture depth, superb textures, close up shots that literally wowed me”.

“The only nagging issue worth mentioning is some limited crush, which doesn’t really result in any major mishaps. All in all, Horrible Bosses’ high definition presentation pulls ahead of the comedy pack.”

It’a been released as a combo pack with the theatrical and extended versions on Blu-ray disc and the theatrical cut only on DVD.

This week’s only other major new release is the direct-to-disc hitwoman thriller, Colombiana.

“The 1080p rendition looks terrific with exceptional contrast exhibiting healthy, rich black levels …

“This Blu-ray probably looks exactly like the film Colombiana did theatrically. There are no image quality flaws at all.”

Delayed from last week are Michael Flatley Returns as Lord of the Dance, The Hills Run Red, The Honey Pot, Hour of the Gun, Electra Glide in Blue and King and Four Queens.

Due on December 29 are Hanna, The Guard, Chatroom and Hobo With a Shotgun.

Hanna has received a gorgeous hi-def transfer …This is one of the best-looking action films of recent years; there’s rarely a scene which doesn’t contain some wonderful camera angle or memorable visual flourish.”

“On the aural front we get an equally impressive DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 soundtrack that provides a thoroughly engaging and all-encompassing accompaniment for the movie.”

The direct-to-disc exploitation thriller, Hobo With a Shotgun, “splatters the screen with a highly-stylised and dated 1080p/AVC MPEG-4 encode” that’s “insanely saturated at times, with a palette of intentionally garish primary and neon colors that burst off the screen”.

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