Duke to Go HD on Thursday


Duke will become New Zealand’s newest HD channel on Thursday.

TVNZ confirmed today the channel will broadcast in true 1080i (1920 x 1080) from January 11.

The changeover means shows like The Mick, Doomsday, Bare Knuckle Fight, Bar Rescue, Ultimate Vehicles, Travel Man, Black-ish, Swamp People, Duck Dynasty, 8 Out of 10 Cats and Family Guy should be among the first week’s HD highlights.

Movies you can expect to see in HD over the same period include Devil’s Advocate, Clown, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End and Unbreakable.

Sports fans will be able to enjoy 1080i coverage of NFL, Formula E, NBA and Asia Pacific Rally Champs in the first week, with wall-to-wall coverage of the Commonwealth Games to follow in April.

Duke is the last of the key free-to-air channels to switch to HD, although Sky continues to transmit Prime in HD only on its satellite platform and not Freeview’s UHF service.

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11 Responses to “Duke to Go HD on Thursday”

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    January 8, 2018 at 8:35 pm

    Pretty sure the other free to air channels are not true 1920 by 1080 any more on Sky. Family Feud was clear then randomly it wasn’t as clear as what it used to be. Then checked the other channels and basicly the same quality as what Sky Sports is. Complained to Sky and they claim nothing has been changed …

  2. Is there a press release or article? 🙂 Good news, though! MediaWorks needs to up their game and bring Bravo to HD.

  3. No press release yet. It may be a soft launch, as Maori TV did.

  4. Isn’t this an article, Josh? ?

  5. Great news. Looking forward to the sports being in HD.

  6. But who cares about MediaWorks? Let them up their game. But TVNZ can do way better in their own game this 2018 with way bigger series. Let’s give TV3 a good run for what they are worth.

  7. Every season MediaWorks gets left further behind. From tech forerunners to has-beens.

  8. Three is rubbish. Has been for a long time.

  9. I would normally defend Three but I have to concede since they have gone down the reality TV street they have really lost my support and hope they will change their ways. C’mon Three, get your act together 🙂

  10. There are so many repeats of comedy classics like Friends, Big Bang, The Middle, The Simpsons … Also: who needs Neighbours — it’s boring. This would give other 2018 content a chance to shine and lead in to Shortland. It is 2018 — we need a linep-up with bite.

  11. Launch your own channel Patrick! lol

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