End is ‘Nigh for Grimm

The final season of Grimm will premiere here three days after it ends in the US.

Season six will screen 8.30 Mondays from April 3 on The Zone.

Why the channel has taken so long to schedule it is unclear, given its heroic catch-up last year with previous seasons.

Like SoHo’s belated bow of Bates Motel’s final season, the programming makes no sense.

With these being each drama’s swansongs, you’d expect heightened interest in how each ends.

And given how Sky’s under siege from the likes of Netflix and Amazon, it should be striving harder than ever to screen series like these if not day-and-date with the US, than at least in the same week.

Says Buddy TV: “Grimm is primed and ready to break our hearts, and we’re not at all prepared.

“NBC will bid farewell to the little-show-that-could in barely two weeks, pitting Nick’s (David Giuntoli) Scooby gang against a world-ending force by the name of Zerstorer.

“As the apocalypse looms and our intrepid wesen/human alliance circles the wagons around the most vulnerable, The End might eschew the series finale penchant for a happy ending.”

Also lined up for The Zone next month are the documentary, Rise of the Supergamer (April 9, 7.30), and a Cinema Z season of Sharknado movies while coming in May are season four double-episodes of The Walking Dead (11.15 Saturdays from May 6), Robot Combat League (7.30 weeknights from May 16), and more Cinema Z schlock.

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6 Responses to “End is ‘Nigh for Grimm”

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    March 25, 2017 at 5:00 pm

    I can’t agree more Philip, thankfully today I got seasons 4 and 5 of Grimm from Amazon UK so I will MySky season 6. Grimm is an excellent show and it’s shame it’s ending at season 6 🙂

  2. Season 6 has been a bit meh, but today’s episode (S6/E12) was the best Grimm episode yet.

  3. Thanks, Darren. If I’d known Sky was going to take so long to screen it here, I’d have opted for alternative sourcing, too!

  4. I’m really enjoying season 4 of Grimm, it’s fun when the gang gets together but poor Juliet 🙂

  5. Just watched the last ever episode and while it neatly tied up the current series, it was weak and very predictable.

  6. Thanks, thx1138. Well, at least it went out with a bang ratings-wise, on a season-high, which, as Deadline Hollywood notes, is a lot better than a number of other season finales this year. As a reminder to fans who haven’t yet seen the series, it premieres inexcusably belatedly 8.30 tonight on Sky’s The Zone.

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