Event Finale a Non-Event on TV3

As forecast on this site last month, TV3 is ditching The Event from primetime.

The HD conspiracy thriller was one of the network’s top picks for its new season but after plummeting ratings, programmers aren’t even waiting for the mid-season finale before re-scheduling it to late-night.

Next week’s double-episode cliffhanger will air post-Nightline, at 10.55pm instead of the previously advertised 8.30pm; screening at that hour instead will be a repeat of the movie, Old School.

In the US, The Event will resume on March 7. To whet the appetite of fans, NBC has posted web-exclusive alternate and deleted scenes.

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7 Responses to “Event Finale a Non-Event on TV3”

  1. What more can we expect from local TV networks. Guess it’s back to CH UseNet for the rest of the series..

  2. Are you kidding me? It was THE FINALE you stupid people. You couldn’t even be bothered to put a small notice on the screen for confused viewers? What a pack of idiots.

  3. What an absolute letdown. Just sat down to watch the final that we recorded and found we had some absolutly stupid movie instead.
    Thanks, TV3. I do hope that nonsense movie upped your ratings enough to warrant upsetting the (supposed) few of us who loved following ‘the event’.
    I guess then, that ‘the event’ is that TV3 doesn’t give a damn about its regular viewers. That’s something I will remember in future before I get interested in anything they screen … knowing they may change their minds on the grand finale without warning.
    When will it be replayed for those of us who missed it?

  4. Couldn’t agree more, River. I wouldn’t hold your breath for a finale re-run given the rest of the series will be consigned to post-11pm when it resumes. See this post for a ratings update: http://www.screenscribe.tv/channels/hdtv-ratings-sons-of-anarchy-the-event-modern-family/

  5. We are really disappointed in the poor communication of this last minute change especially for an old movie. We had set the recorder because we were out and missed the finale. Will TV3 air it again and how will we know when?

  6. Not only will TV3 not air it again but also the network has yet to decide even if it will air the remainder of the first season, which resumes March 7 in the US. A spokesperson points out the mid-season finale can be viewed ondemand until Tuesday. Good luck with that given the low resolution of TV3’s ondemand service compared to its HD broadcast of The Event.

  7. TV3 has lost touch with its viewing audience. I have recently made the decision to switch back to One news after watching drivel being dished out nightly. The Event fiasco is another example of ignoring their viewers. I tried to catch it ondemand – what a joke!
    Found it on the internet and enjoyed episode 9 last night. Will get mid season finale episode 10 tonight.
    You suck, TV3!

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