Exclusive Arrangement for Neon

Sky’s acquired for an exclusive season on its streaming service an E! channel drama about an arranged celebrity marriage that Variety dubbed “an addictive, horrific fantasy out of real-life tabloid drama and rumours about the Church of Scientology”.

Neon will stream the 10-part series in HD in August but, like Turn and Manhattan, Sky doesn’t plan to to screen it on any of its linear channels.

The show averaged a 61% rating on MetaCritic and has been renewed.

“The pilot offers a promising start at a deeper, more delectable drama underneath the glitz and the glam,” said Entertainment Weekly after quipping: “E! should write Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes a check.

“Who would watch a show about an arranged marriage between Hollywood actors if they didn’t think of Cruise and Holmes right away?”

“The reality, after three episodes, is that The Arrangement both is and isn’t clearly based on Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes,” The Hollywood Reporter argued.

“The premise is entirely lifted from the aroma around that relationship, our sense of its contrivances and compromises and the looming figure of Scientology behind it all.

“But on a practical and realistic level, of course it’s not literally about that specific couple. If it were, it would surely be more seductive and, probably, more entertaining.”

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6 Responses to “Exclusive Arrangement for Neon”

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    June 7, 2017 at 2:47 pm

    Any idea whether this will be a Sky OnDemand offering like Manhattan and Turn were? Or is it just a Neon offering?

  2. Sorry, Mike, still no word from Sky on this. Presumably it will make it to OnDemand — but isn’t that still an SD service?

  3. Some of the content that is added has been HD (not full HD mind – HD in the old definition of the retail world). Not consistently HD (it may even be mid-season!), and no indication whether it’s HD or not but the file sizes indicate higher than SD quality.

  4. Mike: I think the term that the networks use is “Near HD”.

  5. Good term! Never heard it used before – maybe I should use it with television retailers, some of whom get quite irate when you tell them that 1366×768 is not HD.

  6. Hey, Mike. Just heard from Sky: The Arrangement will be exclusive to Neon. There are no plans for an on-demand run.

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