Expansive Line-Up for The Zone in January

Sky’s The Zone may be the unofficial home of Syfy fare in this territory but it has yet to lock in the channel’s newest series, The Expanse.

It’s just debuted online and goes to air next week in the US, where it’s earned mixed reviews.

But The Zone will be up to date with two series premiering next month the same day as the US: MTV’s The Shannara Chronicles (January 6) and Syfy’s The Magicians (January 26).

The former is an adaptation of the Terry Brooks novels set thousands of years into the future, when civilisation has been decimated and Earth divided into “the Four Lands”.

The series was shot in NZ with a Kiwi crew and cast, including Arrow’s Manu Bennett and Shortland Street’s Brooke Williams.

It will screen 8.30 Wednesdays and The Magicians 8.30 Tuesdays.

The latter is based on Lev Grossman’s Harry Potter-ish series of adult books about a fantasy-obsessed introvert who’s admitted to an elite college of magic.

It stars Madame Secretary’s Jason Ralph, Murder in the First’s Jade Taylor and How to Get Away With Murder’s Arjun Gupta.

January on The Zone also will mark the premiere of Olympus, an Ancient Greece fantasy starring Tom York (Tyrant), Sonya Cassidy (Vera) and Matt Frewer (The Librarians, The Knick).

The British-Canadian co-production rated poorly in the US, averaging only 550,000 viewers (it opened with 894,000 and closed with 379,000).

It also wasn’t widely or warmly reviewed (The Hollywood Reporter dubbed it “high-camp soap opera performed in a virtual void”).

Other new year highlights on The Zone include season 5B of Teen Wolf, which also will air the day as the US (8.30 Tuesdays from January 12), the fifth and final season of Haven (7.30 Thursdays from January 12), s5 of Eureka (7.30 Wednesdays from January 20) and S3 of Continuum (9.30 Wednesdays from January 13).

The Zone also will air the TV3 flop, The Event (7.30 Thursdays from January 28), and dust off ‘90s sensation American Gothic (8.30 Sundays from January 17) and The Avengers (4.40 Saturdays from January 30).

The Avengers can be bought on Blu-ray in the UK but The Zone’s broadcasts will be SD.

Scheduled for the Friday Movie Zone are John Dies at the End, Lake Mungo, Troll and Orcs!.

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7 Responses to “Expansive Line-Up for The Zone in January”

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    December 4, 2015 at 10:17 am

    I have recently bought the DVD version of American Gothic. I was about to start watching it, but if it is screened in HD on The Zone, then I will wait to watch in in HD.

  2. Not sure yet if it will be in HD, Mark. Still awaiting confirmation from Sky.

  3. Ok thanks Philip.

  4. Sorry, Mark, but Sky’s just confirmed it will be SD.

  5. Thanks Philip. No problem I will probably just watch the DVD version.

  6. I have been watching The Magicians and really enjoy this show. The most recent episode was a bit strange though. The F word was spoken on a handful of occasions but was also cut on some occasions. I wonder if this was what The Zone wanted to do or did it come from the US?

  7. My son and I have just finished watching the first season of The Shannara Chronicles. It was a great show and really looking forward to watching Season 2. Although Season 2 hasn’t been confirmed yet, it should happen as there has been a lot of positive feedback about this show.

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