Extant Exits Prime for The Zone

Extant is the latest Prime property to make the quantum HD leap from free-to-air to pay TV.

Like Under the Dome and Beauty and the Beast, the Halle Berry sci-fi series, which originally aired in SD on Prime, will have its season two premiere on Sky’s The Zone.

It will air 8.30 Thursdays from July 30 following a weekend box set catch-up of season one on July 25-26.

The Zone also will box set S1 of The Strain (July 11-12) ahead of S2’s premiere on July 16.

But instead of airing a month behind the US, like Extant, it will screen just three days after its FX broadcast.

The same will be true of Dominion, when S2 premieres on July 14 (following a S1 box set on July 4-5) and S5a of Teen Wolf, when it starts on July 3.

Entirely new to The Zone in July will be Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge, in which 10 aspiring creature creators compete to “out-imagine one another in a series of challenges showcasing the fascinating process behind creature building, from conceptual design to sculpting, fabricating and mechanisation”.

It’s hosted by Gigi Edgley (Farscape) and includes on its roster of expert judges Brian Henson (Jim Henson’s son, a puppeteer), Beth Hathaway (fabrication specialist on Jurassic Park, The Walking Dead) and Kirk Thatcher (creature designer on Return of the Jedi, ET The Extra Terrestrial).

This “Project Runway for professional puppeteers and movie roboticists” will screen 7.30 Fridays from July 10.

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8 Responses to “Extant Exits Prime for The Zone”

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    May 28, 2015 at 12:44 pm

    Guess I’ll be watching the next series of Extant via the Internet channel.

  2. Will Extant and Under the Dome still be screening on Prime at a later date?

  3. How long before Prime’s yet to be scheduled and recently axed sci-fi drama The Messengers winds up on The Zone? It seems logical for it to air on The Zone but this trend of CBS output deal shows going behind a paywall really annoys me. I thought the whole point of the CBS output deal was to strengthen Prime’s programming. Its looking more likely it will be used to shore up Sky’s pay channels. I’m surprised and thankful Jane The Virgin hasn’t ended up on Vibe but is luckily coming to Prime later this year.

  4. It’s unlikely Extant and Dome will continue FTA but Sky/Prime has still to clarify this.

  5. Good news about Extant and Under the Dome screening on The Zone. The only programme we now watch on Prime is Doctor Who. I really hope that the next season will be screened on The Zone or on SoHo.

  6. It may be good news for you Mark being a Sky sub but for us on FTA it’s not, so as I said at the beginning it’s Channel Usenet. By putting these programmes behind a paywall doesn’t help Sky’s public image. I for one refuse to pay something like $75 to Sky just to watch one channel.

  7. Agree with Paul on this. Make Prime HD and air the shows on free to air.

  8. Totally agree Paul. It stinks that they get us hooked on a show and then put it behind a pay wall.

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