EzyFlix.tv No Easy Fix to Fast Access

New TV and movie streaming service EzyFlix.tv improves on Quickflix with its HD content but won’t impress those wanting faster access to US shows.

Although today’s launch promises to “revolutionise digital entertainment in New Zealand,” the site offers only 10 TV series for downloading to rent or own – and none lives up to EzyFlix.tv’s claim of delivering “timely access” to top international video content (although new series will be added daily).

The brainchild of Access Digital Entertainment (ADE), the transactional video-on-demand and download-to-own service allows users to view their purchased content on smartphones, tablets, PCs and Smart TVs, either on or offline.

ADE chief exeuctive Craig White says EzyFlix.tv will help remove many of the barriers that exist for people wanting the best offerings in showbiz.

“New Zealanders are hungry for new release movies and US TV shows and tired of feeling like they’re behind the rest of the world.

“EzyFlix.tv provides affordable, convenient and timely access to top international video content, express from the US, without any subscription fees, contracts or the need for a set top box.”

However, TV fans will challenge his “express from the US” claim given none of EzyFix.tv’s series can be downloaded here until after they’ve screened on free-to-air or pay-TV.

So while the latest episodes of Breaking Bad can be downloaded from the site within a day or so of the US broadcast, that’s only because Sky’s SoHo has fast-tracked the series to air here.

But because Sky’s The Box hasn’t done likewise with Falling Skies, you can only download the first two seasons from EzyFlix.tv and not the third, which finished last month in the US.

In other words, EzyFlix.tv may be a flash new way of watching TV on any device you wish at any time.

But content is still limited by the territory deals its suppliers, like Warner Bros and 20th Century Fox, already have done with the networks and Sky TV.

The one exception, House of Cards, was listed soon after launch but has since been withdrawn, as it’s still to screen on TV3.

The error was due to the series being on Australian EzyFlix.tv, which launched two weeks ago and where House of Cards already has aired.

However, while there are some small differences in product that gets licensed for each region, for the most part the range will be similar.

Despite these licensing limitations making EzyFlix.tv anything but digital nirvana, it still offers a slick and groundbreaking way of legally downloading HD content in NZ.

As White says in the press release: “It also allows people to build their own digital movie and TV library in the cloud and has been designed specifically to meet the needs of the ‘connected consumer’ who wants to be able to access their chosen content via multiple devices at any time.

“We are also the first provider in NZ to offer television shows you can download-to-own and to retail UltraViolet (UV), a cloud-based digital rights system which offers people a digital ‘locker’ and gives them the ability to share purchased UV content with up to five friends for free.”

Users can view a library of 2000 titles, including The Avengers, Iron Man 3, Silver Linings Playbook and A Good Day to Die Hard, with plans to grow the offering five-fold.

The service will offer ‘season passes’ to television shows including alerts to each episode’s availability immediately after its broadcast, and bite-size options will also allow users to ‘snack’ on TV episodes for just $2.99.

White says EzyFlix.tv will revolutionise digital entertainment in New Zealand.

“Capitalising on the opportunities presented by technologies such as high speed internet, WiFi, mobile broadband and play back devices, we offer top titles to both purchase and stream and we give people the freedom to choose how and where they play their videos, according to their lifestyle, needs and wants.”

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    September 5, 2013 at 7:52 pm

    I think you’ll find that EzyFlix.tv is just as bad as Quickflix with its content. The totals talked about in the NBR article were from the AU site. Discussion

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