Fair Go Going, Going … Gone?

TVNZ today confirmed staples like Fair Go, off-peak news bulletins and flagship current affairs hour Sunday face cancellation amid an unprecedented restructuring that could cost up to 68 jobs.

Here’s the media release:

Proposed programme changes for TVNZ

TVNZ has taken employees through proposed structural changes today which could result in a net reduction of up to 68 roles across all business areas (9% of FTE).

TVNZ respects impacted individuals right to privacy through this challenging process, but given the high public interest, the business confirms the proposed cancellation of programmes Midday, Tonight, Fair Go and Sunday has been included in proposals presented today.

TVNZ Chief Executive Jodi O’Donnell says it’s been a difficult day for TVNZers with some incredibly tough conversations for many around the business, including the newsroom.

Midday, Tonight, Fair Go and Sunday are programmes with a long and celebrated legacy at Te Reo Tātaki.

“The proposals we have presented in no way relate to the immense contribution of the teams that work on these shows and the significant journalistic value they’ve provided over many years.

“Unfortunately, we need to reduce our costs to ensure the business remains sustainable.

“These aren’t decisions we make lightly, and significant analysis has gone into the proposals.

“We remain committed to delivering the most trusted and watched news andcCurrent affairs for New Zealand audiences, and what that looks like will change as we shift to a digital-first model.

“Our priority is our people and supporting them through this process.”

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4 Responses to “Fair Go Going, Going … Gone?”

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    March 9, 2024 at 9:30 pm

    Another nail in the coffin for News and Current Affairs. I know the situation with advertising is dire but how is TVNZ supposed to differentiate itself from all the other streaming platforms if it’s axing News & Current Affairs.

  2. Couldn’t agree more, Leo. Putting aside the huge costs and logistics of running a news operation, you have to wonder if the rationalisation isn’t also politically-motivated: put high-profile content like news and current/consumer affairs favourites on the chopping block in the hope the combination of public uproar and overwrought fears about democracy being imperilled will drive the government to pump up funding and overhaul the Broadcasting Act so free-to-air TV becomes more viable.

  3. With this current government’s direction I guess those outcries will fall on death ears. I’m only thinking the current minister will tinker around the edges — ie remove the Sunday morning television advertising ban and not much else. It’s extraordinary that 300 million is spent on media and yet we can’t fully fund a non-commercial public broadcaster. I hope TVNZ sees the long term and doesn’t go through with these brutal cuts.

  4. Dreams of a commercial free state broadcaster are gone forever, with the current Minister surpassing even Maureen Pugh for sheer incompetence.

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