Falling Skies Definitely in HD

Readers of this site have questioned whether TV2 is airing its 8.30 Wednesday sci-fi drama, Falling Skies, in HD.

“Watched some of Falling Skies last night,” paulw wrote. “I see that the 2 logo is now down the bottom right but there was no HD logo.

“Have they removed it or is Falling Skies in SD?”

THX1138 also suspected the network was airing the Steven Spielberg production in SD. “How shithouse is that?”

However, it turns out TV2 is broadcasting it in HD.

According to a spokeswoman: “Falling Skies was transmitted in HD (1080i/50) as per the source material.

“We keyed an HD logo at the top of the programme and on all baseline keys coming back from the breaks. [See images below]

“We are not currently adding the 2 HD bug due to a style change for our Christmas imagery on TV2.”

This is the practice TV3 has followed since it started broadcasting in HD.




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6 Responses to “Falling Skies Definitely in HD”

  1. The original Wednesday broadcast wasn’t in HD (it was soft) and not in 5.1 (turning off the centre channel still had the dialogue present). But Sunday night’s replay was in HD and 5.1. It was sharper and the dialogue was in the centre channel. I think someone mucked up with the original airing and it went out SD and stereo.

  2. I wish they would reduce the size of their “2” channel indent watermark, since the refreshed screen graphics went live on January 1 the indent has grown in size and it’s now in the lower right corner of the screen. The new size is very distracting.

  3. Thanx, Phil. Nice to see it’s been cleared up.

  4. Jonathan: Maybe TVNZ and Mediaworks are having a competition to see whose logo is the biggest. Currently FOUR leads the pack. There was a fair bit of criticism when FOUR’s large logo came on but the size remained the same.

  5. Paul confirms I wasn’t going blind and deaf!

  6. Oh yes, watched Chuck last night, pic looked HD but there was no HD next to the 2 channel bug. Also, no HD on the baseline keys (so that’s what those things are called) and once again no 5.1 sound (though it was 5.1 last week). TVNZ really do need to cut the excuses and pull finger on their Dolby Digital debacle.

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