FAST Channels Slow Off the Mark

WBD’s new FAST channels may offer better HD resolution than the live streaming of its flagship network Three but if you view them on a Smart TV, you’ll be none the wiser about what’s coming up next.

The channels can be streamed across multiple platforms but their EPG (electronic programming guide) features only on the ThreeNow desktop site.

On my late-model Sony TV and iPhone, only the video streams on the ThreeNow apps; the EPG on the desktop channel page doesn’t appear.

I’ve asked WBD for a master list of what’s coming to the channels but one isn’t being made available — so, for the time being, the channels are little more than a daily lucky dip.

That may work for an IP channel, like 90 Days Fiancé, where you know what’s on offer, but for broader, genre-driven likes of Paranormal and TrueCrime the broadcaster should be promoting greater awareness of what viewers can expect to stream.

In the meantime, a spokesperson says an apps listing service could be in the works but emphasised it was still early days for the new channels.

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7 Responses to “FAST Channels Slow Off the Mark”

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    August 15, 2023 at 6:41 pm

    I wonder when we will get Warner Bros shows and movies 🤔 It’s also interesting having quizzes for Harry Potter, Friends and DC 😁

  2. Any word from WBD about allowing HGTV to be streamed Philip?

  3. Nothing concrete at this stage, Leo, but a spokesperson says: “There are a number of things we’re looking to add to ThreeNow, and a live stream of HGTV may be available in the near future.”

  4. Cheers for finding out Philip, that doesn’t give me confidence if it’s just a “maybe”. I don’t get it, it’s one of their channels that has a following and has a share of audience (tiny but still something) I thought they would want to extend its reach even further.

  5. I guess more channel if or when Max comes around this part of the world.

  6. Latest Herald article says ThreeNow will be given a major overhaul and new interface by early October or just before Christmas Philip. Let’s hope it’s worth the overdue wait.

  7. Thanks for update, Leo. Will post shortly …

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