FlashForward on Fringe of Being Scrubbed?

TV2’s new HD sci-fi drama, FlashForward (8.30pm Wednesdays), is among those “on the bubble” in the US.

The Hollywood Reporter has compiled a list of “endangered shows” that may not be renewed, including several that air here in HD — FlashForwardFringe, V — and many that should (24, Trauma, Heroes, Supernatural, Smallville, Chuck, Scrubs).

At least some of them are starting to emerge on Blu-ray, with Fringe already out and seasons two of Chuck, and eight of Smallville, slated for April 7 from Warner Home Video, and season four of Supernatural due mid-year.

As for FlashForward’s popularity here, last week’s premiere only narrowly beat TV3’s Lie to Me but this week’s instalment widened the gap markedly.

It drew nearly twice as many 18-39 year-olds, who are TV2’s core audience, and was comfortably ahead in TV3’s 18-49 demo, too. (Stablemate Lost also found more viewers this week and out-rated TV3’s SVU.)

If you’ve missed any of the FlashForward episodes, TV2 screens same-week repeats 10.30pm Sundays and will re-run the first three episodes as its Sunday midday movie on February 28.

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6 Responses to “FlashForward on Fringe of Being Scrubbed?”

  1. On hearing this news it seems probably no coincidence that Fringe took an unexpected “mid-season break” last week—usually code in the industry for a major rewrite.

    Fringe was—occasional shallow horror side-plots aside—in my opinion one of the best shows on TV in Season 1, but Season 2, after starting with a considerable bang, has markedly lost momentum, and the J.J. Abrams show is clearly in need of re-inventing itself to ensure its parallel universe future.

  2. I hope fringe doesn’t get the chop as I like this one. Series 2 has had it’s ups and down but overall good. Flash Forward. I have seen the first two eps on TVNZ but the plot line is starting to ware off. Took long enough to arrive considering it was being shown on CH9 in Ozz last October.. (Sept US)

  3. don’t worry about fringe, it only lost some “live viewers” because it shifted days in ammerica.

    The show is only on a mid season break/hiatus because of the winter olympics, much like many shows and will return once it’s over…there are no rewrites going on.

  4. I’m still waiting for seaon two of Fringe to air here in New Zealand.

  5. Expect TV2 to screen it in the second half of the year, presumably as part of its Wednesday sci-fi strand (which, of course, will coincide with its Blu-ray release in the US).

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