Four More FAST Channels for ThreeNow

WBD’s FAST Five is about to become the FAST Nine.

No word when they will launch but WBD has advised ad media agencies it is expanding its FAST line-up to include one dedicated to Deadliest Catch, another to car buffs, and the third to the Outrageous Fortune franchise.

It’s also launching a channel called MovieSphere, with the tantalising blurb that it will be the world’s “only premium global movie channel offered by a major studio”.

You would like to think that meant the Warner Bros library given the ownership of WBD but a quick look at the MovieSphere schedule on the vastly better Paramount Global-owned 10Play in Australia suggests wall-to-wall obscurities.

I have asked WBD for more details and hopefully they’ll soon be forthcoming.

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6 Responses to “Four More FAST Channels for ThreeNow”

  1. The only channel I will watch is probably Movie Sphere, it sounds good 😁

  2. Is TVNZ going to enter the FAST race or is it a wait and see approach?

  3. Definitely wait and see, Leo. Here’s what they told me when I asked a few months ago: “It may be something that we consider in the future, but we don’t have any announcements to make in this space currently.” They may have something to update today at their upfront presentation.

  4. Cheers Philip, looking forward to what they have up their sleeves for 2024. Also I’m glad the websites back up and running, I was worried when the website was down last night that this was the end.

  5. Thanks for your support Leo, it was just a glitch 🤞

  6. The movie channel a maybe if it’s not an adfeast but the rest are to be avoided.

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