Free-to-Air Viewing Jumps

TVNZ Sales reports a big spike in people using TV (PUTs) amid the escalation of COVID-19.

This is across all TVNZ channels, broadcast TV, streaming and TVNZ OnDemand.

Comparing the last two weeks, from March 8 – 21, with the previous two weeks, TVNZ Sales says:

  • PUTs have increased in all dayparts. Significantly higher in AP25-54, and AP 18-54
  • TVNZ’s audiences increased at a higher rate than overall PUTs in all day and in peak
  • In peak, TVNZ’s audience has increased by 14.6% for AP 25-54, well above Total TV PUTs of +6%
  • TVNZ has seen the largest increase in audiences in the breakfast zone at 21.1% for AP 25-54, in line with morning news updates
  • TVNZ 1 remains the highest rating channel in both peak and all day for AP 25-54, with a 17.4% increase in ratings for the peak zone
  • Overall, TV is seeing a marginal increase in time spent viewing, TVNZ is taking the lion’s share of this

1 News at 6pm ratings and reach

AP 5+

  • Average rating of 15.9, +14%
  • Average daily reach: 989,800 +11%
  • Saturday 21st March saw the highest rating all year of 18.8

AP 25-54 

  • Average rating of 11.1, +31%
  • Average daily reach: 314,200, +18%
  • Saturday 21st March saw the highest rating all year of 14.6
  • 1 News Special on Coronavirus on Friday 20th March achieved a 11.2 rating, reaching 273,200 people

TVNZ OnDemand reach and streams

TVNZ OnDemand had its best week ever last week, reaching over 469,000 New Zealanders.

  • Streams surpassed 9.4 million in the two week period.
  • Compared to two weeks prior, streams were up by 6.4 million,+7.3%
  • Total streams are up 18.4% year-on-year

Live Streaming:

  • TVNZ 1 reached over 140,000 people, an increase of 14.6%. These viewers streamed 993,000 times, +44.6%.
  • TVNZ 2 reach is up 12.3%, and streams are up by 19.7%.
  • TVNZ Duke had a 14% increase in reach and streams

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12 Responses to “Free-to-Air Viewing Jumps”

  1. Warning: preg_replace(): Unknown modifier '/' in /home/customer/www/ on line 66
    March 26, 2020 at 9:00 am

    I’m enjoying Newshub’s coverage of the coronavirus better than TVNZ, it’s excellent 🙂

  2. What annoys me about both channels, Trevor, is they still rely too heavily on SD cameras. The extensive coverage has shown up how under-resourced they are to cover a monumental news story in HD.

  3. I agree with, you Trevor. Not as sensationalist.

  4. Perhaps, Paul, but don’t forget this is the channel of Paddy Gower and Tova O’Brien.

  5. Sorry to disagree, Trevor, but I think TVNZ’s is far superior – I was really blown away by some of the reporting including I think it was last week with Wendy showing how the airplane air system works with Coronavirus- the graphics were outstanding. But both teams are doing well – and must be working incredibly hard – so let’s cut them all some slack!

  6. Thanks for your thoughts, Tony. And never apologise for disagreeing — the more robust the debate, the better!

  7. I agree with you about the HD Philip and yes, disagree with me all you want. I can take it. Did you guys get through day 1 of lockdown okay? I did, it’s quite a weird experience. It’s like having Christmas again 🙂

  8. Cheers, Trevor. One down, only 27 to go …

  9. You mean at least 27 to go. You should be thinking of this as 28 days minimum – it could quite easily be longer if actual deviates from forecast.

  10. Quite right, Mike.

  11. I watched some TV news for the first time in about a year. Both channels were mediocre. TVNZ a little less so. TV3 has gone from hero to zero. It really is surprising they are still broadcasting. Persisting with SD is just another nail in the coffin.

  12. I think the imminent death of FTA TV has been exaggerated, thx1138, but broadcasters do themselves no favours not updating their field cameras to HD.

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