Friends Won’t Reunite on TVNZ 2

It’s not clear where the Friends Reunion special will screen in NZ but it won’t be on the network that launched the series, TVNZ 2.

Although the broadcaster has virtually re-run the series perpetually since its 1994 launch, and streams it OnDemand, it’s missed out on the COVID-delayed one where the gang and a raft of VIP guest stars get back together.

It was commissioned by HBO Max to launch its streaming service last year in the US and now will stream on the platform from May 27.

HBO Max is distributing the special globally and TVNZ didn’t have the option to license.

It’s likely Sky’s picked it up for streaming on Neon, to boost its uptake, although this has yet to be confirmed.

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2 Responses to “Friends Won’t Reunite on TVNZ 2”

  1. Maybe a Neon play and a run on SoHo before a few weeks’ delayed run on Prime?

  2. Interesting strategy, Clint, but I would still see it as more a Neon exclusive to drive subscriptions.

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