From AMC+ to AMC-?

Mayfair Witches isn’t the only new AMC+ series missing in action from the NZ platform.

The new Anne Rice adaptation was mysteriously pulled from the slate last month – and with it has gone a slew of high-profile series, including Kin, The Beast Must Die, Firebite, Moonhaven, Anna, 61st Street and Pantheon.

All that remains on the AMC+ hub (as distinct from the Acorn TV and Shudder hubs) are largely library titles, like Mad Men and Turn: Washington Spies, save for scant newcomers like Interview With the Vampire, Cold Courage and Dark Winds.

Mayfair Witches was to have premiered this week on AMC+, and still will in other territories, but no word on when — or where — it will turn up here.

Given the challenges facing streamers globally, has AMC changed tact in NZ and reverted to licensing its latest content to Sky or another streamer?

If so, AMC+ essentially will be a platform for AMC’s back catalogue and bundled Acorn TV and Shudder content — which won’t sit well with subscribers who capitalised on a discounted full-year deal based on the promise of a full service.

Today, AMC revealed it was scrapping a second season of 61st Street and an adaptation of Invitation to a Bonfire as part of a $US475 million write-down of content the followed an executive reshuffle.

The decision not to proceed with S2 of 61st Street seems even more amazing given it’s already been filmed as part of two-season deal.

AMC+ also reneged on a second season of Moonhaven after renewing the series.

The company’s interim executive chair James L Dolan reportedly warned staff about big cutbacks in a memo: “We are primarily a content company and the mechanisms for the monetisation of content are in disarray.”

AMC has told the US Securities and Exchange Commission that some of its canned series could resurface on other platforms:  “The Company may realise some future licensing and other revenue associated with some of the owned titles.”

AMC+ NZ publicists are on holiday so an update on the NZ service will have to wait until later this month.

What to Expect on AMC+ NZ

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11 Responses to “From AMC+ to AMC-?”

  1. How disgusting. I think I will get rid of it if it doesn’t improve. 🙄

  2. Yes, Trevor, it would be disappointing if AMC+ permanently loses these series as they made it a compelling proposition.

  3. All very, very bizarre.

  4. It’s sad as I really love their shows but if they aren’t going to treat New Zealand with respect I will do the same with AMC+ 🤔

  5. Have you noted the huge cash spend on unprofitable streaming services in the last year?
    When you’re taking massive writedowns on content (cash already spent) you have to pause on expansion and look for other ways to get cash in the door. Better than going Ch11 and having to shutter streaming services completely.
    Consumers want everything and want it now but economics might dictate a different pace and a different pricing methodology.

  6. BOO on Twitter they are tweeting about tomorrow being Mayfair Witches day. I felt like throwing my phone 🙄


    Maybe they should just call AMC+ WalkingDead+ instead and be done with it.

  8. Quite so, Clint. Yet another “un-renewal” — even though S2 of Pantheon already has been completed, AMC+ won’t be streaming it.

  9. AW, season 8 is the final season of Fear the Walking Dead, I hope they give everyone a happyish ending. I wonder if any characters from The Walking Dead will turn up 🤔

  10. It seems Mayfair Witches is also not screening on AMC+ in Australia as well so it’s not just a New Zealand thing. The plot thickens 🤔

  11. Alas, there’s no mystery Trevor, it’s just a sign of our streaming times. Turns out streaming isn’t the money-maker envisaged and many streamers, from HBO Max to AMC+, are conducting programming write-downs, which means removing select content for tax purposes so their balance sheets look better while opening up other revenue opportunities. As I posted here, AMC is eyeing “licensing and other revenue associated with some of the owned titles.” So chances are many of these shows will turn up on Sky or other streaming services. At this stage I don’t think they will include Mayfair Witches — it appears to be being held back here until the bookkeepers deem the optimal launch date.

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