Get Lost in Space OnDemand


TVNZ has sourced three Spanish-made documentary series about life beyond Earth that it will stream on-demand from tomorrow. 

Life In Outer Space: The scientific community is convinced that within the next decades the human being will finally have unveiled one of the greatest mysteries of the universe, is there life beyond our planet? We can’t know yet if the discovery of life will happen in our solar system or in any other remote place in the universe, what is clear is that the present generations will bear witness of a finding that could change our whole idea of the universe. (2016, two episodes.)

Space ColoniesIt’s possible that in the near future the Earth could become uninhabitable due to climate change or overpopulation. In addition, natural resources might become more and more scarce, and humankind could be forced to search for them somewhere else. It would be even possible for an asteroid impact to cause a planetary catastrophe. As a result, we may need to move to an orbital space colony or to another planet like the Moon or Mars, and create a new home in alternate, distant space colonies. Present-day technology allows us to think that a space colony on the Moon or Mars might become a reality, not just science-fiction, within this century. Even an orbital space colony, much bigger than the present International Space Station, or a colony based on a near-Earth asteroid might be possible. (2017, three episodes.)

Is Anybody Out There?: The recent discovery by Kepler satellite of thousands of Earth-like planets were life could be possible has given a big boost to the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. In the vastness of the Universe, with 14 billion years old, it is hard to believe that no other civilisation exists, or has existed, anywhere. There are several hundred billion other stars in our galaxy, and more than 100 billion other galaxies in the part of the Universe we can see. It would be extraordinary if we were the only thinking beings in all this vastness. (2015, one episode.)

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    Why not put them on broadcast TV? Of course, they’re not reality shows.

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