Halcyon Days for Prime

The Halcyon, a drama about the staff and guests of a five-star London hotel during World War II, checks into Prime on July 27.

“The presence of the war permeates through everyone’s lives, from the dazzling guests to its loyal, hard-working staff, as traditions, people and relationships are broken,” reads the blurb for the eight-part ITV series.

“Watched from within by visiting American journalist Joe O’Hara (Matt Ryan), at this series’ core is the shared dark secret of owner Lady Hamilton (Olivia Williams) and hotel manager Richard Garland (Steven Mackintosh).”

The Halcyon seems to have been assembled from the offcuts of other series,” said The Telegraph.

“And yet there’s something moreish when you unwrap all the recycled packaging.

“Yes, it has the sheen of eventful soap, but overall it’s much more posh than tosh. Unexpectedly intriguing.”

But the Daily Mail pondered: “Hotels are bustling, frantic places. Wartime is chaotic and unpredictable. So why does The Halcyon seem so rigid?

“The characters act as though they have been teleported from the 21st century, and are horrified at the cultural attitudes of the Olden Days.”

The series started strongly in the UK but was canned after viewership quickly dropped off, with its 5.5 million average dipping below the 5.9 million viewing average for its 9pm Monday slot.

Prime will screen The Halcyon 8.30 Thursdays.

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    August 14, 2017 at 7:44 pm

    I would love to catch up on this programme. I don’t seem to be able to get Prime on my TV or connect to Prime on-demand to watch last week’s episode, missed because of weather disturbance in our area. We were really enjoying this programme.

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