Happy Days for FAST Viewers in Oz

While the slow rollout of ThreeNow’s first FAST channels continues to frustrate, Pluto TV has announced it will launch more than 50 FAST channels in Australia at the end of the month.

The initiative underscores how much NZ lags other countries in FAST channel access, given the Paramount-owned streamer’s footprint encompasses 35 markets.

And unlike the lacklustre line-up Warner Bros. Discovery is testing the concept with here, Pluto viewers across the Tasman will be able to binge on everything from South Park and Happy Days to Dynasty and I Love Lucy as well as exclusive MTV and Nickelodeon fare.

They will be part of the 10 Play platform, which launched its first 10 FAST channels in December.

“These 50 Pluto TV channels represent our first step to engage with Australian audiences and we are happy to mark this milestone by partnering with 10 Play, demonstrating once more the strength of our Paramount ecosystem,”  Olivier Jollet, executive VP and international GM for Pluto TV, says.

“As pioneers in the FAST industry, we are bringing a new and unique user experience through curated channels dedicated to this market. Our mix of local and international content which matches the needs of our local audiences is what makes Pluto TV so valuable for viewers, clients, and partners across the world.”

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17 Responses to “Happy Days for FAST Viewers in Oz”

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    August 2, 2023 at 12:40 pm

    Why are Warner Bros. Discovery so slow and they should start with 10 channels 🤔

  2. I’m not surprised as these big media companies know that some people are getting ‘excited’ over WBD offering. Honestly, why would they bother?

  3. Apparently in Australia they will be including a channel for Baywatch, not that I’m a Baywatch fan. I prefer Knight Rider 😁

  4. If you upgrade your Samsung TV to a new model, Trevor, you’ll be able to watch a Baywatch FAST channel on its Samsung TV Plus service. No Knight Rider, though …

  5. That’s another reason to get a new TV 😁

  6. Will they launch Pluto TV in NZ Philip or is that just asking too much?

  7. There are now 78 free channels on Samsung TV+. I’m not vouching for the quality but I did spend a few moments over the weekend on the new Married with Children channel and I dip into the 3 news channels and sports. Good value for free and significant content for 5m population.

  8. I doubt Pluto TV will launch here in the short term, Leo, because of the tangle of rights for Paramount content spread across TVNZ and Sky. Pluto’s owned by Paramount, and while the local operation’s called Paramount Australia & New Zealand, it treats the two markets separately (hence Paramount+ not launching here when it did in Australia).

  9. On the Pluto TV app it says to hang on as they are doing their best to come here so I guess there is hope 🤔

  10. Thanks for the update, Trevor, great to know.

  11. Actually Philip I just noticed the app for Pluto TV has gone off my phone so I don’t know if that’s a good or bad sign, also I see there is an article from Newsdesk saying it’s New Zealand and Australia. I feel totally confused 😕

  12. YAY, I found it through Google so the app is still on there and I decided to ask Pluto TV themselves about whether there are any plans for New Zealand through Twitter/X. I figured there is no harm in asking 😁

  13. I used to watch quite a bit of Pluto TV on Amazon Video US. Some of it was good and some not so good. I suspect if it ever gets released here it will be real dumbed down, like Amazon Video NZ.

  14. I got a reply back from Pluto TV and sadly it might be a while before they come to New Zealand due to platform restrictions but they are intending to include New Zealand eventually. So stay tuned 😁

  15. No problem Philip, it’s kinda sad but I kind of expected it but still it does sound like they really do want to come here so that’s good 😁

  16. Why the excitement over ad-filled TV?

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