HD Feed: October 8

Homeland continues tonight (TV3, 8.35) with a superior instalment to last week’s premiere, Variety reckons. “Once the narrative begins hitting its stride in the second episode, it’s clear the programme remains on a rarefied creative tier, tantalisingly mixing terrific performances with anything-can-happen edge.” The creators of Homeland, Howard Gordon and Alex Sansa, are developing another drama with a female protagonist, Anatomy of Violence, about an FBI agent who starts working with a mysterious psychiatrist with whom she shares a past connection. And Homeland director and executive producer Michael Cuesta is teaming with CSI executive producer Carol Mendelsohn to make a US version of the 2000 Clive Owen drama, Second Sight, about a detective who’s going blind.

TV3’s HD coverage of the Bathurst 1000 revved up its ratings on Sunday and helped it to win the night with 18-49 year-olds. The motorsports event largely won the 6pm hour, averaging 8.4% – 13.7% of the key demos, and because it overlapped the 7pm junction, dented The Big Bang Theory’s appeal: the 7pm re-run averaged only 6.7% – 7.6% and the 8pm re-run, which started midway through NZ’s Got Talent, 5.6% – 7.2%. NZGT’s 13.6% – 19.8% average helped lead-out Nothing Trivial to win the 8.30 hour with household shoppers (10.8%) but in the other demos (6.4% – 10.3%), it and Offspring (3.3% – 5.3%) lost to TV3’s HD movie, Couples Retreat (6.7% – 10.9%).

Friday night was even better for TV3. It won the night outright with The X Factor USA winning the 7.30 hour (11.6% – 14.8%), which helped to push up Graham Norton Show’s numbers (7.6% – 11.1%) as the lead-in to the much hyped 100th episode of 7 Days (7.6% – 10.0%). TV2’s The Voice averaged 7.1% – 9.9% and Supernatural, 2.4% – 3.1%. TV3 also saw its CSI combo revert to ratings form on Saturday, with NY averaging 3.3% – 5.5% and Miami, 5.3% – 6.1%. However, the network’s ITM Fishing Show slipped to 1.5% – 2.1% opposite Annabel Langbein Free Range Cook’s 4.9% – 10.4%. TV2’s repeat of Monsters vs Aliens: Mutant Pumpkins From Outer Space averaged only 2.5% – 3.9% but won the half-hour with kids 5-12 (6.5%).

Sound+Vision magazine has posted an article that won’t surprise anyone who’s skeptical of the benefits and accuracy of room correction technologies on a/v receivers. “It seems like such a good idea,” Brent Butterworth writes. “Put a microphone in the primary listening position (and sometimes others, too), run some test tones, and electronically adjust the sound to minimise or eliminate the negative effects of the room and the imperfections of your speakers. But some recent discussions with audio experts have made me question the wisdom of this approach.” The solution, it seems, is bass-only room correction, but so far that’s been limited to a couple of high-end manufacturers. Read more 

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    October 8, 2012 at 12:14 pm

    I’m one of the built-in room correction skeptics. No avr with auto calibration I’ve ever listened to has sounded as good as a competent manual setup. Proper physical set-up beats electronic bandaids every time.

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