Heavenly News for Falling Skies Fans

Falling Skies has been renewed for a third season on the eve of season one’s Blu-ray release.

The two-disc disc goes on sale on August 29 and TV2 will re-run the Steven Spielberg production in HD late-night from July 22 — which probably means season two will premiere in October.

Falling Skies is television storytelling at its very best, a powerful drama that’s told on both an epic scale and on a deeply personal level,” Michael Wright, president, head of programming for TNT, TBS and Turner Classic Movies (TCM), said in a press release.

“With all the memorable and surprising moments taking place during the second season of Falling Skies, we can’t wait to see what DreamWorks Television and Falling Skies’ terrific production team and cast members have in store for season three.”

Even though US ratings are down this season, Falling Skies’ international success meant a third season was never in doubt.

Reviews of the season-two premiere were largely favourable:

❑ “Those who got on board last year have enough reason to continue flying these not-so-friendly Skies” (Variety);

❑ “Has amped up the dramatic stakes this season, even offering a glimmer of hope when an unexpected visitor drops into their midst, balancing the earnest family values with a visceral survival saga that keeps the hokum mostly at bay” (TV Guide);

❑ “OK summer entertainment for fans of breezy, things-blow-up-easy programming” (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette).

However, season one’s Blu-ray’s image quality hasn’t wowed US critics.

High-Def Digest dubbed it “pretty average” while Blu-ray.com said it “doesn’t hold up to close scrutiny. Macroblocking, minor as most instances may be, creeps into the image with alarming frequency.”

But Home Theater Forum thought it a “definite improvement” over the 1080i broadcast.

“There is an extra level of detail that was missing in its broadcast counterpart. Colours are consistent, although intentionally washed out.

“Some may find the inherent grain and image softness to be troubling, but the series was filmed in 35mm, and much of what is seen is likely intentional to give the show a gritty look.”

Blu-ray extras include three commentaries, a Q&A Comic-Con 2011 session, and the making-of exclusive, “Falling Skies from Pencils to Print: The Comic Book Revealed”.

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    July 12, 2012 at 3:41 pm

    October??? I’ll already have watched all of season two by then????? (if you catch my drift …)

  2. Glad to see that Falling Skies is being renewed for season three. Season two is looking quite good …

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