HD Heads-Up: April 27-May 3

Get ready for a Kiwi HD comedy gala.

The same week a new-look Go Girls (above) premieres on TV2, TV3 will screen in HD the stand-up special 2013 Comedy Gala and 7 Days spin-off Ben and Steve: World Famous In …

From April 30 season five of Go Girls replaces Revenge (which replaces the low-rating Rookie Blue three episodes shy of the season-three finale), and takes a bigger creative risk than its predecessors by starting over with a new core cast.

Creators Rachel Lang and Gavin Strawhan say the shake-up was necessary because the show’s always been about the “quarter-century crisis” and with the original characters having reached 30, it was time for a next-generation makeover — especially given the socio-economic upheavals of the past five years.

7 Days’ Jeremy Corbett will host highlights of the NZ International Comedy Festival in Sunday’s 2013 Comedy Gala, which will follow The X Factor NZ.

The two-hour special will star 7 Days’ Dai Henwood, Urzila Carlson and Ben Hurley, Guy Williams (Jono and Ben at Ten), another local act The Boy With Tape On His Face, Australia’s Tom Gleeson and Fiona O’Loughlin, and the UK’s Idiots Of Ants, Chris Martin and Stephen K Amos.

Hurley will resurface with Steve Wrigley 9.30 Friday in their new intrepid journeys hour, Ben and Steve: World Famous In ... First stop on their tour of the country’s top towns: New Plymouth.

The week’s other HD newcomer is Tuesday’s Galapagos With David Attenborough (TV One, 8.30).

Like Kingdom of Plants, it was filmed in 3D for Sky TV in the UK, where it screened earlier this year.

Apart from its outstanding photography, the series is notable for capturing a new species of pink iguana on film for the first time when Attenborough encounters the rare creature, officially called Conolophus Marthae, on top of a volcano.

The three-part series will be released here later next month on Blu-ray but not in 3D.

In other HD scheduling news of note for the week starting April 27:

❑ The network HD premiere of I Am Number Four will screen on Sunday (TV2, 8.30) — ahead of another network HD premiere, Inglourious Basterds (TV3, 10.40)

Sex and the City spin-off The Carrie Diaries will move from TVNZ Ondemand to free-to-air HD on Sunday (TV2, 3.00)

❑ TV2 will re-run overnight Showtime’s Shameless from ep 1, season one at around 2.30am weekdays from Wednesday

❑ Monday’s season finale of The Blue Rose (TV3, 9.45) will precede the movie-length season finale of Sons of Anarchy on Wednesday (TV3, 9.30)

❑ Gwyneth Paltrow, Lee Mack and Olympic gold medallist Mo Farah will guest on Friday’s Graham Norton Show (TV3, 8.30).

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4 Responses to “HD Heads-Up: April 27-May 3”

  1. Wonder how far away The Almighty Johnsons are? LOVE IT :)

  2. Is there going to be another season? A much better use of NZ On Air money than more talent(less) shows.

  3. Yes there is a 3rd series coming up and it’s one of the best TV shows NZ has ever made, it’s a shame the stupid ratings don’t reflect this :)

  4. Saw the promo for new local drama Harry during X Factor NZ tonight and I’m excited for its premiere which may be in the Monday night slot that will be left vacant once The Blue Rose concludes.

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